70 lb Heavy Bag + 1 Story Drop To Balls = ?

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Ahmed +0 Points December 6, 2012

1. Immediately following the iniooducttrn by Mr. Fedders, the debate will begin.2. Wait!3. Six pots of paint on the kitchen table.4. Large Green Star5. Waves of long green grass6. Friends7. Should have asked for8. Has already been done9. Would have been completed10. Van, truck11. Went, bought, wrapped12. Standing guard by the door were three plastic pink flamingos.13. All the cans in the pantry were arranged in alphabetical order.14. He understanding for the first time the power of discipline.15. Although they had never visited the old fort before.16. No error17. No error

Anonymous +0 Points May 6, 2011

Home run! Great slugging with that asenwr!

nathan Forrest +0 Points June 27, 2010

what is with the retard at the end "he smashed heesh freakin ballsh"

che85mor +0 Points June 27, 2010

This is how the gene pool cleans itself. he's obviously too fucking stupid to reproduce.

Goonies +0 Points June 26, 2010

Heyyy youuu guys!

callmesir +0 Points June 24, 2010

This right here, is how whites are becoming a minority. Sieg Fail!

Fucking ugly white fat kid! +0 Points June 24, 2010

its not like he was going to use it anyways...... fuck the white trash!!!!!

brooklyngod +0 Points June 24, 2010

oh si

geebee +0 Points June 24, 2010

So thats how much brooklyngods girlfriend weighs.

blackass +0 Points June 24, 2010

why are white people so fucking stupid gawd

Brooklyngods Sister +0 Points June 24, 2010

Ok Brother your next Ohsi

darwin +0 Points June 24, 2010

When I was a teenager, I called a few friends and we played baseball. Now.......(sigh).

Inaccurate +0 Points June 24, 2010

About 90% of that bag hit the ground, and maybe 10% hit his inner right thigh. If it hit his balls, he'd be vomiting.

ok +0 Points June 24, 2010

This is relevant to my interests.

MMA +0 Points June 24, 2010

white people are so stupid funny

lilzook +0 Points June 24, 2010

he not a guy..its a fat girl..she sonly pretending to be hurt

lol +0 Points June 24, 2010

fat kids are always gettin hit iin the nuts

HIS BALLS +0 Points June 24, 2010


foo +0 Points June 24, 2010

=stupid ass whiteboys

that is +0 Points June 24, 2010

a 1 story drop you bloody cunts

wtf? +0 Points June 24, 2010

What the fuck was the point in that?


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