100 MPH Apples Totally Ruin Dude's Face

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Anonymous +0 Points May 14, 2011


Anonymous +0 Points May 5, 2011

Wow! Great thkinnig! JK

blackass +0 Points July 8, 2010

fahkn stupe

fake shit +0 Points July 8, 2010

I have seen this two couples do alot of pranks and most of it are fake and set up. Fuck they even did a horrible job on the black eyes.

brooklyngod +0 Points July 8, 2010

oh si

umm... +0 Points July 8, 2010

black eyes were definitely fake

Uranus +0 Points July 8, 2010

Use a fuckin golfball netx time...

dezzzznust +0 Points July 8, 2010

I dont know......the black eyes looked a little fake......

des +0 Points July 8, 2010

he better fuck the shit out of her. better yet, do anal and give her the dirty sanchez.

korleonis +0 Points July 8, 2010

The things we do if we think there will be pussy at the end of it.

PETE IS THE FUCKING MAN!!!! +0 Points July 8, 2010

that is all

pete +0 Points July 8, 2010

oh man those blacks are dumb.......oh wait

ATSViper +0 Points July 8, 2010


Lol +0 Points July 8, 2010

Men will do anything for sex!

WTF? +0 Points July 8, 2010

Why would anybody do that? Hey, I've got a great idea. You stand against that wall and Ill hit you in the face with an apple flying approximately 100mph, then afterwards, you can drink some beer, you damn weetodd!

twin +0 Points July 8, 2010


lilzook +0 Points July 8, 2010



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