Freshman Destroys Senior With One Punch

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Cuntflaps +0 Points October 22, 2010

Underwater fighting....

WARRIOR37 +0 Points October 21, 2010


han +0 Points October 21, 2010

was r2d2 filmin and doing play by play

i poop on your face. +0 Points October 21, 2010

Did you see the guys head go flying to the left!!? It came right off his neck!11!!!! Crazy ishhh.

kev +0 Points October 21, 2010

It sounded like everyone there had a dick in their mouth.

fish +0 Points October 21, 2010

it does sound like star wars lmao

Steve +0 Points October 21, 2010

Am I the only one that noticed what a faggy punch that was

darwin +0 Points October 21, 2010

How horrible. And he was the captain of the math club.

Liam +0 Points October 21, 2010

sounds like its from star wars or somethin


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