French Skier Takes The Mother of All Nut Shots

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Oooowwww +0 Points March 4, 2010

The commentary makes this one so much.

"And if you're a man you can feel it..." "The boys took a beating on that one"

brooklyngod +0 Points March 3, 2010

ha ha ha ha ha ha that guy needs a whatever man. oh si

funny shit! +0 Points March 2, 2010

that guy needs a hug hahahahahhahaha

noway +0 Points March 2, 2010

Ha ha ha, "that guy needs a hug"

French billy +0 Points March 2, 2010

He's not french at all, your commentator is just shit!

fjdklsj +0 Points March 2, 2010

hahaha ohhh monseurr

whattt +0 Points March 2, 2010

why cant i view any videos? just a blank white screen? wtf?

Doc56 +0 Points March 2, 2010

Inceditable that that pole could actually hit him in the nads when we all know the french lack balls

Oui monsuier +0 Points March 2, 2010

Brilliant commentary!!

Pete - England +0 Points March 2, 2010

Right after you hear the guy scream after he takes the shot to the nuts, you hear the commentator make this lil' moan under his breath. fucking brilliant!! Ouch tho!

cac +0 Points March 2, 2010

theyre used to that shiet

Lol +0 Points March 2, 2010

That commentator needs a medal of his own lol great job

ano +0 Points March 2, 2010

lol "that guy needs a hug"

kinda funny +0 Points March 2, 2010

that actually made me feel a little better


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