Fool Totally Fails Breaking Bottle Over His Head

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Cuntflaps +0 Points March 1, 2010

Clever twat

croat +0 Points February 27, 2010

really serbs and ruusians are the most stupid men in world

Uranus +0 Points February 27, 2010

Just blood inside there...

Doc56 +0 Points February 27, 2010

Ok take off that high eruo dollar bennie and call an Amber lamp fer him

lilzook +0 Points February 27, 2010

i felt bad for the beer

brooklyngod +0 Points February 27, 2010

ha ha ha ha ha fucken russian must have gotten brain damage from all that vodka drinking. what a douche bag loser son of a bitch. mother russia is so proud. oh si

Judas +0 Points February 27, 2010

I'll try to do it too!!!


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