Wrestler CM Punk Decks a Fan For Real

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lol -1 Points October 11, 2012

at like 00:55 guy in the white shirt behind the guy who gets punched slaps punk in the back of the head.

fdfdgb -1 Points October 11, 2012

@pixle just as sex with your mother

Ulf -1 Points October 11, 2012

What a fuckin bitch

mel -1 Points October 10, 2012

taken enough steroids his nuts are the size of peas

Don -1 Points October 10, 2012


AronS -1 Points October 10, 2012

Sue it !!

Mike -1 Points October 10, 2012

Got it on camera,...sue his ass

blackLeprechaun -2 Points October 10, 2012

Wrasseling is a gay white boi sport and the few blacks that do go there are just laffing at the stupid crackers.

Trolololololo +0 Points October 10, 2012

The funny thing is that the guy getting smacked is not the one that pushed him, its the guy behind him that pushed CM Punk's head

pixle +1 Point October 10, 2012


Hmmmm +0 Points October 10, 2012

I wouldn't take my chances hitting CM Punk even if he is a wrestler and thus fake fighting. Most of these guys are mentally unstable from too many hits to the head anyway.

well +1 Point October 10, 2012

if you are stupid enough to be there then you can only hope to get a smack in the head for your efforts. Probably the only real contact the whole night.


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