Wild School Cat Fight Leaves Hair Everywhere

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Magun +0 Points July 27, 2012

Merlon: Help us Merlon: Help usMario: NahMerlon: Please!Mario: No!Merlon: Your our last soap-I mean hope!Mario: No way! Besides I'm-a-always left to do such jobs and without a sinlge path of dialouge! The palyer chooses of course and I can only stutter a small hello or something it-a-just isn't-a-right!

Why are they so happy +0 Points June 7, 2010

i will never understand blacks. they lose their shit when ever violence breaks out. i've seen them literally slam their brakes and hop out their cars with phone in hand just so they can record shit like this. they will ALWAYS be third class. that person

lilcoon +0 Points June 6, 2010


viva +0 Points June 6, 2010

she look like man /fight for dick ya

Brooklyngods Sister +0 Points June 6, 2010

Well he does like it prechewed so he has more time to post yes and I hear hes working on a new catch phrase

lilzook +0 Points June 6, 2010

what the fuck was the camerica man going through

truth +0 Points June 6, 2010


monkeys +0 Points June 6, 2010

when did they get there own school?

Uncle Paul +0 Points June 6, 2010

@Liberal there a whole different breed that we can all do with out

lillzook +0 Points June 6, 2010

Don't be talkin shit bout mah sistuh!

geebee +0 Points June 6, 2010

A question for brooklyngods sister? Is your brother really the pervy type that has to have his food chewed and brought to his room so that he can be first to post a comment on shoosh time?

fsdf +0 Points June 6, 2010

Look like camera man was getting attacked by piranha at the end there.

Brooklyngods Sister +0 Points June 6, 2010

Thats nothing I left that much pube hair in my Brothers food and he never knew it and just ate it

driveredman +0 Points June 6, 2010

give them a nice new clean school...dress them up in kacki uniforms and they still act like natives in the jungle

ProVallone +0 Points June 6, 2010

Videos like this always remind me of the scene in 2001 A Space Odessy, where the chimps start beating each other to death with sticks.

hmm +0 Points June 6, 2010

WTF was wrogn with that camera person, is she "special?"

-_- +0 Points June 6, 2010

Stupid monkey learn how to hold a camera.

brian +0 Points June 6, 2010

did the camerman/woman have a stroke?

brooklyngod +0 Points June 6, 2010

i really dont know. oh si


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