Wannabe MMA Fighters Scrap In The Street

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hrm +0 Points July 11, 2010

eh both of em r bitches. the shirtless dude for letting the other guy keep getting up and the dude in blue for being a pussy at the end.

:) said: +0 Points July 8, 2010

So let me get this straight, he should have kept going? Until what point tough guy? Maybe until he stopped breathing? Is that what you would have done. Well enjoy the plethora of dicks in your ass for the next 50 years dumb ass.

Snap! +0 Points July 8, 2010

Should have snapped his neck...

brooklyngod +0 Points July 8, 2010

'oh si'

:) +0 Points July 7, 2010

The dude who got choked out kept creeping to try and sneak the guy in the blue at the end. This is why you finish your choke in a street fight and not let him go because he's tapping like a bitch.

zxc +0 Points July 7, 2010

That was not bad. All it takes is one bad move. They seemed pretty evenly matched.

pete +0 Points July 7, 2010

this is fucking dumb

brooklyn fail +0 Points July 7, 2010

oh si. FAIL ! retarded

lilzook +0 Points July 7, 2010


? +0 Points July 7, 2010

So gay


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