UFC 193: Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm

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Anonymous +0 Points November 16, 2015

This is embarrassing to her and her promoters they promoter her as a never see again one only best fighter in the world shows up and fights like that

Hero to zero

Anonymous +1 Point November 15, 2015

Dear Ronda:

I just wanted your fight with Holly Holm tonight to go longer than your usual half minute. You granted my wish by making it to the beginning of the second round before Holly knocked you out.

Ronda, I’m not used to betraying women in my life as easily as this, but when you refused to touch gloves pre-fight, I turned on you. I wanted Holly to win. I’ve overlooked your lack of sportsmanship for too long.

That horrible bitterness in your pretty mouth? That’s defeat, you’ve never tasted it before as a professional. I’ve never described a fighter as petulant, but that was you tonight. Petulant and entitled literally ran right into a textbook left leg kick that put your face, now resembling a pepperoni pizza, onto the canvas.

Will I pay to watch the rematch? Oh yeah, but I don’t give you much hope. Your corner men were idiots; you had no business going toe-to-toe with a boxer. It was like watching a girl fight a man tonight. Holly’s face was unmarked; you never hit her. She could have a date tomorrow night. You, not so much.

I am more angry and disappointed in myself than in you Ronda. I papered over your lack of sportsmanship so I could continue to be a fan. No more. We’re through. At the rematch, I’ll be in Holly’s corner. Touch gloves next time, please.

Anonymous +1 Point November 15, 2015

holm's physique is amazing. you can tell she is a well toned athlete. I've always considered rousey's as a bit pudgy

Anonymous +0 Points November 15, 2015

It was clear that a striker was going to take her down. That's why she didn't really want to fight Cyborg. Ronda's mistake in this fight was letting all of the criticism about her weakness in striking compel her to prove that she could strike with the best of them - a major error in judgement. Especially considering the MMA strikers also use their feet.

She should have stayed with her judo roots and strengths by trying to keep this thing on the ground. She is going to have a hard time of it in her next fights because her opponents are going to do the best they can to move, keep it off the ground, and play tic- tac- toe (right -left-and foot) till the x's fall in an row and she goes head banging and bouncing on the canvas again.

lol -1 Points November 15, 2015

Good Fight

Anonymous -2 Points November 15, 2015

Glad that Coke head got her head kicked in.

anonymous -_- -2 Points November 15, 2015

Hey, That's Krissy Lynn! @juan-Ground game? Are you sure you're not giving your advice to the Lions today. They're gonna get crushed!

Anonymous +0 Points November 15, 2015

finally, a real strong woman shut this bitch down. I was tired of the ronda hypetrain. Ronda can now shut up for good and go lick her (accused wife beater ) boyfriend ass and suck his cock. Best of all, no more "Ronda is the greatest " commercials!

Where's The Phoenix +4 Points November 15, 2015

Fuckrousey -2 Points November 15, 2015

Go back to making movies you feminist bitch.

Boring +0 Points November 15, 2015

Great fight! I knew Holly was going to whoop some ass. Was wanting a new champion any ways.

Anonymous -3 Points November 15, 2015

this is hard to jerk to

basil +0 Points November 15, 2015

Rousey should now look for a career in porn.

Arnold +0 Points November 15, 2015

This is what happens when everyone treats you like you're the greatest thing to happen to the sport just because you built your career defeating a shallow talent pool then have to face an actual talented fighter. Good fight Holly. At least Rousey was fortunate enough to lose to a gracious winner rather than someone more like herself who just wants to show everyone how cool it is to be a complete bitch.

--huh-- -2 Points November 15, 2015

Kinda hard to beat off to this shoosh...

Nick -1 Points November 15, 2015

That is not Rousey style! She does have holes, but not that many in her fights. Great fight for Holm, but sucks to see my girl go down like that!

juanhunglow -2 Points November 15, 2015

I hope her pussy can take a harder beating than her chin, that being said ronda needs to stick with what she does best and that's the ground game. she wasted way too much energy being aggressive and running around the ring.


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