This 'Fight' Might Piss You off Just Watching it

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Anonymous +0 Points February 27, 2017

@BlackDickWhitePussy, You could have a point if the negros weren't 90% of the weak-ass fights on this site and, you are fooling no one, we all know you're a virgin

Anonymous +0 Points June 6, 2016

NO.!!! Didn't Get Piss off.!!!

niggerkiller -1 Points January 2, 2016

uuuuuuuuum, isn't that what most fights do? jesus, who wrote the title?

Nice +0 Points January 2, 2016

Ha. He yells "get me something!" How bout a clue on fighting in the streets. He needs to study up at WORLDSTAR.

Anonymous -1 Points January 2, 2016

They were probably fighting to see who can fuck their own sister first.

BlackDickWhitePussy +1 Point January 2, 2016

Where are all the white racists, come and condemn your own race, if this was blacks you fuckers will come out of your caves

Anonymous -1 Points January 2, 2016

Whites are uncivilized cave beasts

Anonymous +0 Points January 2, 2016

Bitch ass white boys

babe ruth swinga -1 Points January 2, 2016

You live in da ghetto, you play by da ghetto rules = no rules.

Anonymous -1 Points January 2, 2016

if your not smart enough to run when you see two hillbillies running at you with what I assume

are pieces of their home then you deserve to get nailed with a board across the face

Anonymous -1 Points January 2, 2016

certainly was smart of him to stand his ground against angry kids with sticks

Greg Hardy +0 Points January 2, 2016

"I wish he swung at a girl"

Vito +0 Points January 2, 2016

He was swinging for the Dunces.

Jerome +0 Points January 2, 2016


Anonymous -1 Points January 2, 2016

That was fucking hilarious. don't start something you're not ready to finish. Stupid bitch let fatty get the drop on him and learned a valuable life lesson in the process.

Anonymous -1 Points January 2, 2016

they should have blured the tits, theirs kids watching

qazma -1 Points January 2, 2016

u must feel good about yourself bringing a weapon to a fight having to blind side someone to land a shot and then scurry off when confronted, its the type of scum that the cops would go straight to the traino to find


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