Ronda Rousey is Just Unstoppable (UFC 184)

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Elroy +0 Points March 4, 2015

Ahh shit that nigga said the jetsons son! Glad you took the time for that doosey of a burn, now you better get back to getting dicked down by your dad.

@elroy +0 Points March 3, 2015

Well it appears you should stick to your namesake Jetsons, instead you want to poke some dyke bitch. Keep up your high aspirations until then just keep sucking off high school wrestlers fag

oly god saves our souls +0 Points March 2, 2015

5 seconds? I should be able to manage a couple of wanks in that time

NeverWashedMyDick +0 Points March 2, 2015

Ronda fights intelligently and efficiently. Ronda eats,shits,sleeps,and fucks MMA. Shes disciplined and driven as hell. No way is she gonna lose to any soft, spoiled, undisciplined bitch.

Elroy -1 Points March 2, 2015

She beat cris cyborg's ass if you watched the video... She could probably do the same to any of these commenters... I just want to speed bag her mole just once

Elroy -1 Points March 2, 2015

"C" along with all the other bullshitters obviously don't know shit about mma or ufc for that matter. This bitch is the real deal. She's known for these submission moves and yet no one can defend them. She putting bitches on notice to get on her level. She submitted before any damage was done, she could of easily ripped that arm off... Think I'm in love.

"C" -1 Points March 2, 2015

The MMA is quickly getting out of control, used to have some real quality fights &fighters, now they really are intent on inflicting permanent damage on each other. No more sportsmanship, just ratings.

Allah -1 Points March 2, 2015

People still watch this garbage MMA shit

tugsly -1 Points March 2, 2015

she is a judo champion with the best grappling in the world, her hips are so strong and her position game is so good that she won't loose. i bet her stand up is coming along. watch the bum shuffle exercise she did on TUF and try it before you call her a pussy

stinky sack -1 Points March 2, 2015

Chris Cyborg has to drop 30 lbs to make her 145 weight class, she walks around at 175 naturally. No way she can drop 40 lbs to fight at 135 and have any muscle or energy left...

Shamrock -1 Points March 2, 2015

She is fighting all sissy girls that have no ground game, put her in the ring with another animal like Chris Cyborg and it will be all over. I seriously doubt she could take a lot of punishment, she keeps winning because she is way undermatched. Fucking Bullshit- Dana White is an annoying faggot

Duh -1 Points March 2, 2015

Hate her all you want but nobody has knocked her out and if these morons quit giving up their arm then she would use a different submition

agreed..... -1 Points March 2, 2015

This cunt is nothing more than one trick pony. This annoying arm-bar after arm-bar shit could only be overshadowed if "he" we're to do nothing but rear-naked chokes. Dana "cunt" White needs to get recruit some muay-Thai fighters that actually know how to fight keeping distance. If not my money is on Holly Holm to kick her fuckin head off her shoulders

Nice -1 Points March 2, 2015

That one dude made quick work of the other dude..

you dumb fuck -1 Points March 2, 2015

That was worth the $49.99 PPV

arm bar bitch -1 Points March 2, 2015

i hate this bitch so much. she would lose if she ever had to fight anyone good on the ground all she dose is arm bars the easiest submission move in the fucking game. if she had to fight standing up or someone that is at all good on the grond she would lose. she sucks. issue is the girl fighters all suck on the ground because they want to be like men and build upper body power.

doubleanaldrillteam -1 Points March 2, 2015

faces: 2, bodies: 2. -5 for being wannabe men.

fucker -1 Points March 2, 2015

lame fight,glad I didn't pay for that shit.


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