REKT: Shit-Talking Girl Learns the Hard Way

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Anonymous +0 Points May 8, 2017

I have never been so disgusted

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

anyone gonna clean that glass up?

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

Everyone thinks the guy saying nigha is white but he sounds distinctly dirty sanchez to me

Anonymous -1 Points May 7, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

My guess is.. chicks a hooker they called to fuck with.. and wouldn't leave till she got paid.. $$!!

Anonymous +1 Point May 7, 2017

yo that fuc king white guy stop using the N word Jesus

Nunya +1 Point May 7, 2017

"Can you please leave.......please?" - polite tough guy

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

she voted hillary? XD

Anonymous +1 Point May 7, 2017

NEVER NEVER NEVER spray someone with a fire stinguisher. If she inhales that shit she could literally die!!!

anonymuos +0 Points May 7, 2017

Her boyfriend is Donald Trump?

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

What's sad is the white guy yelling nigga, how about be proud of yourself and not act like a fucking typical monkey.

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

lucky women cant punch or kick for shit.

Anonymous +1 Point May 7, 2017

not my proudest fap

Wrong +1 Point May 7, 2017

This group is disgusting, looks like they have fun attacking her. Very poor!

Cowards +1 Point May 7, 2017

Even shes dumb or What... Its just so wrong that all jumped on her.. show me 1vs1 catfight instead.


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