REKT: Shit-Talking Girl Learns the Hard Way

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Anonymous +0 Points August 10, 2017

First off, if the white dude wants to say nigga? Whatever, who cares. Also, he sounds hispanic.

Anonymous +0 Points July 19, 2017

Let's see how this feels. Stupid ass fucking White niggers. Don't they know just how fucking stupid they look and why almost most of the world hates them. They fuck-up everywhere they go. Fuckin NIGGERS!

Anonymous +0 Points May 8, 2017

I have never been so disgusted

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

anyone gonna clean that glass up?

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

Everyone thinks the guy saying nigha is white but he sounds distinctly dirty sanchez to me

Anonymous -1 Points May 7, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

My guess is.. chicks a hooker they called to fuck with.. and wouldn't leave till she got paid.. $$!!

Anonymous +1 Point May 7, 2017

yo that fuc king white guy stop using the N word Jesus

Nunya +1 Point May 7, 2017

"Can you please leave.......please?" - polite tough guy

Anonymous +0 Points May 7, 2017

she voted hillary? XD

Anonymous +1 Point May 7, 2017

NEVER NEVER NEVER spray someone with a fire stinguisher. If she inhales that shit she could literally die!!!


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