Raging Black Mom Tazed in Front of Kids

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awww yeah -1 Points May 15, 2013

When that bitch went stiff, so did my dick!

crackers -1 Points April 30, 2013

crackers will jack off to anything

u -1 Points April 11, 2013

fucking bunch of dumb apes

mike -1 Points April 1, 2013

dumb ass shoot a girl dumbass nig

vanessa sweety pie -1 Points February 15, 2013

omg thats so cute the baby chimp crying for its mami

Just saying -1 Points February 8, 2013

It doesn't matter what colour you are when you're a bitch, you're a bitch and she had it coming.

hateniggers +0 Points February 4, 2013

feel sorry for america

i just did a poo +0 Points February 2, 2013

she needed a dart gun feel sorry for the baby chimps crying now put back in the monkey cage

chingrin +0 Points January 31, 2013

This is one of the best things I've ever seen

1 +2 Points January 30, 2013

genocide except the rational niggas that actually use their brains

Jeesus +0 Points January 30, 2013

Why in the fuck do they ALWAYS repeat themselves 35 fucking times

another minority +0 Points January 30, 2013

Should've ACE'd the whole family with that tazer....and did i hear clapping after she got tazed? if not edit it in pls

Sucking our nation dry +0 Points January 29, 2013

MLK, Malcolm Little, Rosa Parks, Vivian Jones, James Hood, Dave McGlathery, and all the others that stood up for an education at the University of Alabama. They fought so hard for what they achieved. Now this is what the majority of the black community has become. Disgraceful! Those leaders who are no longer with us must be turning over in their graves. The others must be shaking their heads in disgust.

The zoologist +1 Point January 29, 2013

What Zoo is this?

HAHA +1 Point January 29, 2013

Those little kids are future overtime for any cop! HAHAHA!!!

wildman +1 Point January 29, 2013

fuking puke niggas just dont know when to shut the fuck up--taze all those stupid fuckers till they learn some goddam respect

notta +1 Point January 29, 2013

That was fucked up right in front of her kids.

jag +1 Point January 29, 2013


MEGNights +1 Point January 29, 2013

Scarsdale NY, those people are a Mess, Damn Shame. BIGSHOW!!

yopapa +1 Point January 29, 2013

that stupid bitch got what she deserved. that fool should have tazed her punk ass again.. stupid bitch!!!

Chaternal +1 Point January 29, 2013

Orangutangs! What zoo is this again ? Fuckin messed up! These kids do not stand a fuckin chance in life.

Apoc +1 Point January 29, 2013

she was caught stealing in the store he kicked her out with her kids.

BDS +1 Point January 29, 2013

I don't think many of us are racists but I goddamned know ALL of us are prejudice as a MF towards most black POS!!! Start a revolution by pissing on our stupid ass ancestors for bringing those fucksticks over here!

Talbutt +1 Point January 29, 2013

Sheesh, that is sad. Those kids have no chance at all with a mom like that. Pathetic.

OrionRed +1 Point January 29, 2013

So...do they make a Gatling Gun version of that tazer?


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