Obese Girl Dominates Her Skinny Opponent

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tns +0 Points May 28, 2010

why do black people lose their shit whenever violence erupts? this is fact. they get overcome with euphoria at the slightest sign of violence. only in amerika!

Nat +0 Points May 27, 2010

Probably has three Ethiopian looking siblings who can't get enough food stamps, but you know what they say, only the strongest animal survives. A future astronaut or doctor for sure!

brooklyngod +0 Points May 27, 2010

i still cant stop laughing, this video was comedy. oh si

jim +0 Points May 27, 2010

i bet the smell at that street corner was unbearable

dick +0 Points May 27, 2010

holy shit,u are correct driveredman

driveredman +0 Points May 27, 2010

whats long, black and smells like shit....the welfare line

lilzook +0 Points May 27, 2010

didnt look like a girl to me..look like a fat black dude

melton +0 Points May 27, 2010

holy crap. that's fat albert. pinche good.

oh man +0 Points May 27, 2010

sponge bob she looks like a black patrick

bad bob +0 Points May 27, 2010

I love coons!!

BrillioBrenda +0 Points May 27, 2010

Hey dats muh cuzin Blobo Bobbi she b a tranzvestite n spongie Bob b his hero

anon +0 Points May 27, 2010

that obese "girl" is actually a dude i think

.. +0 Points May 27, 2010

So cute! baby baboons playing

dick +0 Points May 27, 2010

if someone says oh si,they eat the fat girls shit


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