Moms And Daughters Clash In The Ghetto

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des +0 Points July 7, 2010

damn, KFC and Popeye's are out of friend chicken.

damn +0 Points July 6, 2010

That looks like a family reunion to die for!!

brooklyngod +0 Points July 6, 2010

pathetic excuses 4 human beings. why act like foolish, shit 4 brains people. oh si

forced2hate +0 Points July 6, 2010

typo: NO

Jesus +0 Points July 6, 2010

Im so so sorry my brothers and sisters for putting theses animals on the earth with ya's..... I guess we all make mistakes

DublinDon +0 Points July 6, 2010

This is what happens when the fired chicken runs out before the party is over. Everyone thinks the other has the last piece hidden in their hair weave.

WWE +0 Points July 6, 2010

Tonights no disqualifaction Ghetto cage match battle royal style the winner has to fuck Chuck Norris

pete +0 Points July 6, 2010

you see what happens when mail doesn't run on holidays. no welfare check makes them mad

Fuck +0 Points July 6, 2010

Merika is fucked!

che85mor +0 Points July 6, 2010

negras r funneh

lolniggers +0 Points July 6, 2010

`i bet they are fighting over 1 black man that got em all pregnant

lol +0 Points July 6, 2010

last 2 seconds .... " thats gucci NIGGA!"


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