Mohawk Punk Beaten by a Preppy

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jamie +0 Points April 1, 2013

more crime from the darky stinking white haters

scratchy +1 Point March 27, 2013

sweatervest gang initiation

nignig +1 Point March 27, 2013

nice camera work fag

dvs1 +3 Points March 27, 2013

well thats not fair beating up on ellen degeneres

none +2 Points March 27, 2013

should have un-velcrod his shoes, he would be disabled.

g +0 Points March 27, 2013

oi canoe head, i'd rip your fucking head off son

Earnest +1 Point March 27, 2013

As someone once said, 99% of all fights end the same. One punch is thrown. One guy has a broken nose, the other three broken fingers. They both wait in the emergency room together. All these macho responses are from idiots. No one wants to fight, that's why all these fight video's have a 0% rating. Grow the fuck up.

Doc56 +2 Points March 27, 2013

Nice display of a big lesbian punching a small gay man

wow +2 Points March 27, 2013

can you pick on a guy any smaller than that?

The Dude +2 Points March 27, 2013

Logic Fail, It wouldnt be senseless if he was defending himself

blahblahblah +1 Point March 27, 2013

DoucheCanoe, maybe Europeans do this because they don't actually enjoy inflicting mindless, senseless violence on others as you Americans do.

Vegas'momisacumdumpster +0 Points March 27, 2013

Awww he got the Velcro!

DoucheCanoe +2 Points March 27, 2013

I'm convinced that I could take anyone from Europe. Most of the videos I see is 1 aggressor who throws a punch, a kick, and a lecture. The one getting hit always just curls up into a ball then runs away.

luv2shoot +5 Points March 27, 2013

getting knocked down... ok, shit happens, running away like a bitch... man card permanently revoked


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