Man Kicked Into Subway Train, Loses His Arm

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pixle +0 Points November 18, 2011


what do you do +1 Point September 13, 2010

when life hands you lemons

dayum +1 Point June 23, 2010

not funny guys

brooklyngod +1 Point June 5, 2010

thats fucked up but karmas a bitch though. so that asshole who kicked him will get what he deserves. oh si

Judas +1 Point June 3, 2010


typical +1 Point June 3, 2010

and we are surprised how? typical boer actions

nb +1 Point June 3, 2010

he is white and violent

holy fucking shit +1 Point June 2, 2010

that train just crushed his arm

damn +1 Point June 2, 2010

merely a flesh wound! Come on you fucking pussies and fight like a man!

uhm +1 Point June 2, 2010

his hand actually he lost his hand. not his whole arm. idiots @ shooshtime who don't know how to make titles for videos.. -smh

hobo jo -1 Points June 2, 2010

Someone's gonna have to call off work for me. Not because I don't want to, I just can't dial the phone

lilzook +1 Point June 2, 2010

tickets must have cost an arm and a looked kind of staged

Yeah* +1 Point June 2, 2010

Thats pretty fucked up, especially going after someone with their back turned. Hope the coward gets the "Arm for an Arm" punishment. Otherwise, death sentence.

melton +1 Point June 2, 2010

damn, his life is ruined. not pinche good.

LOL +1 Point June 2, 2010

@ 'im': Looks like he'll be needing a new one now, though..

fuken nasty. .. . -1 Points June 2, 2010

ewwwwwwwwwwwww fuck up his whole life

umm +1 Point June 2, 2010

thats pretty rough right there

Losers +1 Point June 2, 2010

Why is this funny? Karma's a bitch and I hope you all lose a fucking limb you cocksuckers

. +1 Point June 2, 2010

now that's a sticky situation

Cuntflaps +1 Point June 2, 2010

Ouch. I've heard of sticking your arm out for the bus....

lol +1 Point June 2, 2010

we all know who's armed and dangerous...

im +1 Point June 2, 2010

glad they gave him a hand

ouch +1 Point June 2, 2010

at least he is right handed

no pun intended +1 Point June 2, 2010

he handled that situation quite handely

..... +1 Point June 2, 2010



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