LMAO: When Taunting in Fights Goes Wrong

Sometimes it works in the bar scene when you're trying to out-alpha the brodude in a duck bill cap who spilled Jagerbombs on your GF. Not so much in MMA.

  • "Follow me and I'll fuck your BRAINS OUT"
  • Pornhub girl has sex with one of her FANS
  • She literally turned 18 this week. She's too hot
  • Suck, Fuck and Swallow in a Clothing Store
  • "You're not done yet!"
  • 30 Minutes of AWARD-WINNING Cumshots
  • CUCOLD GONE WRONG? Dude, is she alive?!
  • Getting fucked THIS hard can be dangerous
  • FORCING IT IN: You Gotta Get a Girl like Her
  • I don't even have words for this one. WTF?
  • Client said to 'KEEP GOING' during a massage
  • That face. Those TITS! She's a keeper dude
  • AWESOME. It's the only way to describe this
  • Talk about coming DRESSED TO FUCK!
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User Comments (34)

  • lulz @ 04/23/15 11:45AM
    If you bother to write a paragraph in response to anyone on here, then you lose. Have you guys no clue what a troll is? If you feed a troll, you lose.. it doesn't matter if you think you won.
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  • Guess what @ 03/23/15 10:13PM
    this isnt a fucking forum you fucking loser.
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  • @ YBM @ 03/22/15 06:14PM
    YBM, you are sort of like a flea on a dogs dick! Down there sucking on the cock yet still annoying the shit out of it at the same time! You have done nothing to change anyone's mind other than confirm what we already know you hate whites. Why do you preach your white hate? Why are you a racist?
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  • YBM fuck @ 03/22/15 05:22PM
    You need help!
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  • To Osama bin Negro @ 03/22/15 02:48PM
    No one cares about your small dick. You still continue to whine so by your own logic you haven't murdered any racists here hahaha you're just a white racist's tool you dipshit
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  • Young Black Millenial @ 03/22/15 02:33PM
    As I've said before, I will stop my whining on this forum as soon as you white mom fuckers stop your racism against blacks. What part of the previous sentence do you have difficulty understanding?
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  • Intelligent Black Murderer @ 03/22/15 02:30PM
    I have murdered the racists in here. Hahahaha. Yes I don't get white pussies as much as I'd like to and frankly I am glad I don't. I don't want your gonorrheas and herpeses and HIVs you mom fuckers. I am OK with my own woman. I am her to give heartache and cancer to my racist friends on this forum. You bitches, lick my anus and lick my shoes NOW. And don't forget to ask your momma to call me for a good time. My dick is bigger and thicker than every cucumber she's ever seen at the supermarket. Hahahahahahahaha.
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  • Right @ 03/22/15 02:25PM
    YBM's dumbass thinks this is a good platform for his flawed "social justice" He's to much of a coward to do something real about it where he might actually make a difference. He's a terrorist, so let's just start calling him Osama bin dumbass
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  • "C" to asf @ 03/22/15 02:22PM
    Maybe the site is being taken over by the "new generation" , our future.......God help us
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  • asf @ 03/22/15 02:15PM
    WTF is going on with the comments Every video its about unrelated video comments about White and Black people LOL. It could be a video about a tree and someone will post something about black and white people...
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  • Smiling @ 03/22/15 01:49PM
    The lack of pussy has rotted YBM's brain, kind of like what happens to those terrorist. Coincidence?... I think not.
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  • Smiling @ 03/22/15 01:44PM
    Hahaha he's just mad he'll never get to bang a white woman so he takes it out on the people on here... Hahaha what a dipshit
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  • To Not so intelligent black fem @ 03/22/15 01:34PM
    I worry about the human race not just one specific. You've proven yourself to be racist yet again. Obama hates young black and it just eats him up inside and apparently white people haunt his wet dreams. So far that's what he's proven
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  • "C" @ 03/22/15 01:15PM
    Mean while back at the video This new generation of "bum" fighters have no sportsmanlike conduct, nor do they care too, they come and go with no one missing them or even knowing their names. Very sad!
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  • Cont' to YB ass-licker @ 03/22/15 01:09PM
    Wasting time Spewing hate towards the white race instead of helping out your fellow black man by showing a way to be successful despite the constant draw backs that EVERYONE has to deal with not just black. Keep blaming whitey for your downfall you give the racist strength you dipshit
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  • To young black ass-licker @ 03/22/15 01:01PM
    Yea you're keep racism alive. All you can seem to do is talk about it. Over and over and over, Instead of disproving racism holds you down like most intelligent successful black men do. Nope you just sit here spewing hate towards Are you even black? Because it seems that you're trying to pit black and whites against each other to conceal some ulterior motive... Terrorism perhaps
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  • shooshtime lover @ 03/22/15 12:45PM
    Than you for your hard wor shoosh<3
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  • Young Intelligent Black Asskicker @ 03/22/15 11:54AM
    See, I told you. Racism costs you jobs, business, reputation. Racism ruins you. It costs you votes. No one supports the KKK. It's over folks. Racists, you lost. Use the N word, it's toxic for you. It's over. You're done. You're history. We won. MLK Jr. won. You lost. Racism sucks. Hahahahaha.
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  • Everyone is outraged at racists, it's in the news @ 03/22/15 11:53AM
    AUSTIN, Texas (KVUE) -- A Facebook post documenting a racist act is sparking outrage in Austin. A woman saw a sticker on the front window of women's clothing store Rare Trends in East Austin, took a picture and posted it.
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  • WOW @ 03/22/15 08:53AM
    Bitch to be owned huh muthafucka, bhahahahahahahahah
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  • To 8:43AM dumbass moron @ 03/22/15 08:45AM
    OK sister, I will be wachinew der. oki? Bye bye asshole.
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  • @ignorant black man @ 03/22/15 08:43AM
    Sorry to bust yo bubble my brother, watch BET comedy hour, they y'all be Laffin at chu der
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  • Intelligent Black Man @ 03/22/15 08:25AM
    Hey 8:20AM poster: Thanks for the breaking news. Please call Fox news and ask them to discuss me and my "bullshit" for 3 hours every day on one of their talk programs. And send me some reparation money while you use my thread to gain more viewers. OK? Thank you.
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  • @YBM @ 03/22/15 08:20AM
    The easiest person to bullshit is a bullshitter, don't you agree my brother. As painful and embarrassing as it is my brother, your fight for the cause has been exposed for what it is (bullshit) and YOU ya little fuck HAVE BEEN OWNED bhahahahahaaha
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  • Neverready @ 03/22/15 08:19AM
    I'm convinced the people making most of these racists comments are black just so they can talk about how racist white people are
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  • Pyfooty @ 03/22/15 08:13AM
    Face: 4.5 Body: 6
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  • umm @ 03/22/15 06:14AM
    YBM: getting under the skin of the shooshtime racists. He's like a honey badger - he doesn't care what you idiot racists say. Actually the only ones who care what you say are apparently your other damaged brainwashed and mentally afflicted cronies who have nowhere else to go to "express themselves" and feel safe while doing so.
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  • darwin @ 03/22/15 05:50AM
    @juan He'd look more natural with those fake wax lips they used to sell at the corner store. Right next to the packs of baseball cards.
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  • @juanhunglow from YBM @ 03/22/15 05:49AM
    Hey Juan, good morning my man. Whassup. Listen bitch. I just posted a story about a white mom who was arrested for murdering her two kids. Is this a normal thing to do in your white culture? FK, you people are real savages. You fret over a high school gym brawl and ignore murders of two young babies. Why? I want to know why.
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  • @basil from YBM @ 03/22/15 05:47AM
    I think I want to FK your mother in the ass while you film it. And then you can mail that video to shooshtime and mention my name in the credits. Then let's see what kinds of comments we get from the shoosh community. OK? Post your name, address, email and phone no. I will be in touch.
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  • juanhunglow @ 03/22/15 05:07AM
    hey ybm have you ever been to a novelty store and seen those chatter teeth? you know you wind them up and the gums flap and they chatter and the gums flap and they chatter some more but nothing is said? well...
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  • OK guys, here we go now @ 03/22/15 04:29AM
    I am just preempting the comments by the white racists here who will use the N word and blame the entire black race of 43 million in US for the brawl involving 20 people. But whites will conveniently forget to blame the entire white race when I show a white mom murdering her two kids. That's the kind of thinking the racists have in their brains. Blame the entire black race, call them N word but always hold high opinions of the whites even when white bitches murder their own kids. I need a white woman right now - your mom available?
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