LMAO: The only fight you HAVE to see today

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  • It's her first time, and I already want MORE!
  • LIKE A BOSS: Not one fuck was given that day
  • Barely legal, almost pregnant. You on the pill?
  • LOL: Did you get that ass done at Jiffy Lube?
  • "My sister's friend sneaks into my bed and..."
  • "I'll give you $5.00 to squirt on your friend"
  • I think his daughter has Jungle Fever...
  • You're gonna need THREE hands for these!
  • I'll admit it: She was worth EVERY damn cent!
  • If you fuck a family member, DONT film it...
  • WOW: This girl's fuckin cute AND a nympho
  • Charming 19-year-old finds her new love
  • DAMN! A lotta work went into this MILF body
  • Look how TIGHT! Of course he creampied!
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User Comments (30)

  • anonymous @ 07/28/16 03:59AMBest Comment
    Who was that PUSSY ass idiot that kicked his head when he was knocked out... that was the most coward thing i've ever seen... what a douche!
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  • anonymous @ 07/27/16 03:36AM
    rob film it and upload it? how dumb dumb People are.....
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  • !!!! @ 07/29/16 01:38AM
    Hooray for America! We really are the greatest nation in the world, and this just goes to prove it. And just think, these guys are probably registered to vote for one of the two idiots we have to choose from to run this wonderful country.
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  • VEGAS @ 07/27/16 02:53PM
    Lmfao Hey I gots my own Crib Bro what you have then Hey you gots Knocked the Fuck out Asshole..V
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  • anonymous @ 07/27/16 12:09PM
    Not a sucker punch. If you step up be ready.
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  • anonymous @ 07/27/16 07:16AM
    I don't know why people stand and argue with others. Best to get the fuck out of there and avoid an ass whooping or jail time.
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  • anonymous @ 07/27/16 06:15AM
    They all fight like women. Congrats
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  • anonymous @ 07/27/16 04:47AM
    street urchins
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  • Proud Brit @ 07/27/16 03:13AM
    Got to admit, I've never seen the point in all this bullshit posturing before a fight, if your going to fight, just fight, and @suicidal, this isn't just an American thing, go into London and it's exactly the same.. been that way for ages.. And as for the coward that kicked the guy in the head when he was totally unable to defend himself, I really hope that someone returns the favour to you some day, risk of severe brain damage doing this crap is way too high, a fight is a fight, but that move is more like attempted murder, not warranted...
    1 0
  • Buckwild10inch @ 07/27/16 02:00AM
    cute an ur a worldly European i presume, or mabe a canuk?
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  • Suicidal @ 07/27/16 01:55AM
    Typical dumb loud mouth yanks
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  • anonymous @ 03/01/17 01:22AM
    The kick to the head was unnecessary, the guy was a dick but no need for that, typical street scum behaviour unfortunately
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  • gezicht @ 08/01/16 03:46PM
    apes! i don't mean apes in a racist way because some of them are black. just ape behaviour lol! this is one of those examples that this world is so fucked up because of those people. plz drop atomic bomb and wipe us out
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  • anonymous @ 07/31/16 07:39PM
    Sucker punch-check....pack attack-check....kicking in the head already KO dude on the ground-check....stealing money-check....filming everything to educate the lil' bros-check....smiling and lauhing like a piece of shit from the initial provocation to the nauseating conclusion-check....guess the race!...............but they make good NBA players!
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  • anonymous @ 07/28/16 08:16PM
    1207 bitch
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  • anonymous @ 07/28/16 12:49AM
    watermelon eating trash
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  • Don't put useless shit like this @ 07/27/16 10:04PM
    Read what i posted as.
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  • Reinhard @ 07/27/16 08:31AM
    Look everybody, one sub human savage hit another sub human savage...and the rest of us gave zero fucks about any of the vermin. Good job society, you let these grown little kids do as they wish, and plague the rest of us. At least we get to shoot these savages in the face when we need to.
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