Leslie Smith's Ear Explodes in MMA Fight

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g +0 Points November 20, 2014

fake. its tomato sauce. bloods darker than that.

Lame +0 Points November 18, 2014

brutal fucking sport...stupid

Poncho +0 Points November 17, 2014

Did she died?

tugsly +0 Points November 17, 2014

'ear today, gone tomorrow

"C" +0 Points November 17, 2014

Hey look me over, lend me an ear

ron +0 Points November 17, 2014


basil +0 Points November 17, 2014

Saw a male MMA fight where one guy had an enormous cauli ear. One direct kick & it exploded like an egg in a microwave. Fight over.

goodguygreg +0 Points November 17, 2014

cauliflower ear is going ham.

hahah +0 Points November 17, 2014

her ear is all fucked up anyway, why not let her keep going.


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