Kimbo's Last MMA Fight Was Bad. REALLY Bad

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Anonymous +0 Points February 23, 2016

shitty player

Anonymous +0 Points February 21, 2016

Was this shit in slow-motion?

Anonymous +2 Points February 21, 2016

RIP Kimbo we will miss you

Anonymous +0 Points February 21, 2016

I love the commentary by the girl here: www DOT mmamania DOT com/2016/2/20/11077046/tko-kimbo-slice-vs-dada-5000-full-fight-video-highlights-from

"There is nothing happening right now. Everyone is napping." HAHAHA.

lol +0 Points February 21, 2016

Whorehey Ramos +1 Point February 21, 2016

@anon@3:50am| Your a CDN Complete Dick Naysayer! All you do is complain!

Anonymous +1 Point February 21, 2016

John McCarthy must be saying "how the fuck did I go from multi million dollar PPV's with athletes like GSP and Anderson Silva to 2 guys that get gassed walking to the cage." I've seen 2 80 year old wino's fight with more heart.

Ted Cruuuuuuuzzzzzz +1 Point February 21, 2016

Sad to announce my friend and protege JEB has dropped out of the race I just want to say I respect JEB and what he had to offer! I also want to that JEB for being a fierce but honorable competitor, and you will be missedhe was such a fucking loser, what my mic is still on

The Phoenix +1 Point February 21, 2016

@anon2112, the NAACP

anonymous2112 +1 Point February 21, 2016

Who's Sponsoring this Fight?

Melts in my mouth not on my hand +1 Point February 21, 2016

Such an embarrassment for MMA and and bellator. If all its fights are like this, better to just shut it down. Who is gonna pay to keep watching this trash?

The Phoenix -1 Points February 21, 2016

Good to see obamas back to work program has inspired these iconic fighters to once again re enter the ring and be a role model for the young blacks who sadly have no ambition, are lazy, and don't put any effort in their endeavors

Anonymous -1 Points February 21, 2016

Your CDN fucking SUCKS.

Anonymous +1 Point February 21, 2016

mother fucking nuggets

Anonymous +1 Point February 21, 2016

If anybody classifies this as a form of entertainment or sport they should get a life. It's just pathetic. Two obese negroes wandering around a ring trying to murder each other

Anonymous +1 Point February 21, 2016

pretty obvious that they were told to make it last 3 rounds. Now apparently black Rufio is in critical condition. Reminds me of "bum fights"


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