Guy Gets Beaten Down Like It's A WWE PPV

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Mccade +0 Points October 31, 2012

Keep these articles coming as they've oepned many new doors for me.

brooklyngod +0 Points June 25, 2010

not surprised at all. oh si

WTF +0 Points June 25, 2010

Another confirmed kill, i can watch black on black crime all day, these guys should have there own show, it has everything, fights, broads, and GAYS!

Monkee screams +0 Points June 25, 2010

The foot in the attackers shirt defense as great

JustAskin +0 Points June 25, 2010

Check out the dudes pants at the 30 second mark. What do these people use to keep their pants hanging below their butt?...IDK. Does it mean that they "take it in the ass" when the do this?....seems plausible.

des +0 Points June 25, 2010

sounds like the jungle

umm +0 Points June 25, 2010

every penny!! i swear i will! this earth - nigs = better world

lilzook +0 Points June 25, 2010

its wwe meets ufc..meets the ghetto


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