Girls play dirty but the kick at 1:48 is fucked up

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karissa06672 +0 Points September 22, 2017

The music is fucking annoying.

Anonymous +0 Points July 12, 2017

Women are made for fuckin' not fightin'

Anonymous +0 Points January 13, 2017

Fucking coal burners

lol. +0 Points October 27, 2016


Anonymous +0 Points October 25, 2016

Video player blows Chang it

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016

that tattooed girl shit

Johnny Rebel -1 Points October 20, 2016

This is exactly how the NEGRO pulls white people down to their level.......White trash is almost as bad as the porch monkeys.

@trump699 +0 Points October 20, 2016

yesssss my deplorables

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016


Anonymous -1 Points October 20, 2016

the abscence of white mean is why this fight isn´t broken up by the watching ppl

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016

ugly redneck freaks

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016

trailer trash need to be exterminated

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016

great upgrade shooshtime your video player is shit now

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016

all videos don't play anymore - just a grey screen

Anonymous +0 Points October 20, 2016

Real men...

spiderweb66 +1 Point October 20, 2016

The bitch in red sucker punched her to start, and then when she was on the bottom, resorted to hair-pulling. Finally, after getting broken up, another sucker-kick to the face. And all over some punk thugs.


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