Girl Cries After Beastly Chick Humiliates Her

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holy fuck +0 Points June 23, 2010

that bitch in the pink is fatter than fuck

Camera Owner +0 Points June 22, 2010

Who gives a fuck!! said:....


fantasia burrito +0 Points June 22, 2010

'cuz i'm a ghetto girl

nigga +0 Points June 21, 2010

to fff ...fuck u mothafucker

Supreme +0 Points June 21, 2010

Somewhere around the 1:00 mark the sounds from some show about the Serengeti got dubbed over. If someone could please fix this, I thought I was going to watch two black chicks fight. Nasty tits btw

damn +0 Points June 21, 2010

shonika sho got some ugly titties!! Next time we don't need the sound on a video like this

Zookeeper +0 Points June 21, 2010

I'll get the nets.

brooklyngod +0 Points June 21, 2010

i guess. oh si

fff +0 Points June 21, 2010

Sounded like a bunch of monkeys screaming

jhahah +0 Points June 21, 2010

i like the end. "damn Shonesha"

umm +0 Points June 21, 2010


Blackblobzilla +0 Points June 21, 2010

How in the hell can some thing that friggen fat has such a high pitched voice I swear black women voices are irritating as hell

dr.dope +0 Points June 21, 2010

theres nothin she should be ashamed of .. daamn id cum allover em titties

lilzook +0 Points June 21, 2010

why must ppl test the limits of fat humans..their just to much..and what was up with the tits at the end

Who gives a fuck!! +0 Points June 21, 2010

What surprises me... is how did the black people have enough money to buy a camera?


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