FULL Version: Katt Williams Beat Up by Teen

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User Comments (12)

  • anonymous @ 03/24/16 08:38AMBest Comment
    Katt lucked out, the kid had full mount with one hook in and was about to lock it in under the chin- nap time if they didn't break it up. I couldn't tell how it even started tho so...
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  • anonymous @ 03/26/16 12:54PM
    he won man what you say ?
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  • anonymous @ 03/24/16 09:09PM
    you knotice katt's personal guard came out of no where to get that kid off.. katt threw a punch at the kid, kid reacted.. doesn't matter if anyone talks shit just walk away know that your better than getting into a fight scurry back to the suv you crawled out of and let the crowd do the work for you.. works a lot better that way they will get rid of the kid and get you to come back to play.. knotice no parents laid claim to the kid.. I wouldn't eather.
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  • wubhub @ 03/24/16 05:52PM
    he exposed a Hornets Nest That Will Sting You a Million Times , the aim here is to destroy any credibility he has and humiliate him in the media. in all honesty it wouldn't even cost $100 to get that kid to start shit. lets face it when they own main stream media they can influence your opinion without you even realizing it. 'WEAVING SPIDERS COME NOT HERE'
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  • They really do not matter!! @ 03/24/16 05:05PM
    Would have to say that is the biggest hit Kat Williams has had. What a loser!!
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  • anonymous @ 03/24/16 10:10AM
    That kid was asking for trouble. Sucker punch is legit. If you wanna be street sucker punch is street and exactly what you get when you flex on somebody.
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  • ANON @ 03/24/16 09:35AM
    La Abuelita @ 1:50
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  • Leroy @ 03/24/16 07:21AM
    Who's taller? Kevin Hart or Katt? This would never happen to Kevin. Then again he's in a different league.( Money wise not funny wise) Only Chappelle can go into the hood with no problems.
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  • Dude @ 03/24/16 05:32AM
    Cat Williams is crazy... He's also a lot smaller than I thought. Is he like 4'8 or something ?
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  • anonymous @ 03/24/16 05:30AM
    where's the ape screams? no worldstar? no head kicks? no jumping? I guess celebrities get special treatment in the hood too.
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  • anonymous @ 03/24/16 01:07AM
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