Drunk Girl Starts Fight with the WRONG Dude

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User Comments (35)

  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 11:07AMBest Comment
    id fucking bat her aswell mad how people only step in when the woman gets hit
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  • Basil @ 06/07/16 02:42AM
    um he should have just let it go at the 0:30 sec mark. Was never going to end well.
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  • duh @ 06/09/16 01:33AM
    2016, you bitches want total equality, well now you got it.
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 03:46PM
    Both men and women are involved in domestic violence i bet, it's just the men hit harder.
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  • This is @ 06/07/16 11:22AM
    This is a bit too much to be honest... i think she got the point after the punch that sent her flying
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  • TJ Duckett @ 06/07/16 09:01AM
    Ooh. I wish that big strong white man would hit me. In the anus.
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  • Greg Hardy @ 06/07/16 07:03AM
    1 1
  • Greg Hardy @ 06/07/16 07:03AM
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  • anonymous @ 03/24/17 01:23PM
    I'd fucking kill her in self defence, you never know what that bitch might do if you let her get back up
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  • anonymous @ 12/26/16 01:10AM
    game over ...
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  • anonymous @ 12/24/16 04:52PM
    i want to see the guy fucking her ass after this fight...
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  • anonymous @ 11/21/16 12:20PM
    Stats in the US alone (google it these are factual) show that 62% of domestic violence is initiated by women. In fact, 73.2% of knife wounds involved were to the male from cases that were reported for a domestic issue. In other words, women start shit and cause way more physical damage. A lot of those cases are claimed as self defense, only a handful 3/10 are given as self defense. Often these women are charged with other crimes after their self defense claim doesn't hold up in court. Btw, she put her hand on his throat at one point. Bitch would have a hard time getting him charged when she pretty much threatened him. When you grab the throat you threaten to crust the windpipe which would end in death unless treated. Yes you can crush the windpipe with one hand, happens all the time. Bitch threatened to kill him with that motion.
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  • spiderweb66 @ 10/14/16 03:06AM
    It appeared to me that he was drunk, she got belligerent, and he went off....He lumbered like Randy Quaid.
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  • anonymous @ 06/12/16 07:51PM
    Fuck all you motherfucking white knight cunts. She got the perfect amount of fucking up she deserves. End of story, fuck all you bitch ass white knoights.
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  • Anonymous @ 06/10/16 03:50PM
    Bullshit you pricks, that guy needs locking up! Any guy who does that to a woman half his size because he's emotionally retarded should be but-fucked in prison for the rest of his days....what a tosser!
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  • anonymous @ 06/09/16 09:32PM
    She started it. Women think its OK to slap men, but she punched him in the face with a closed fist. I don't believe in men hitting women, but they sure as hell can punch a bitch! And this BITCH deserved to get punched in the face!!
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  • anonymous @ 06/09/16 12:43PM
    Took him 4 or 5 clean cheapshots just to knock that lil girl down lmao I would beat this fools ass. If she slap you just walk away fool stop taking 10+ slaps to the face like a dumbass. Lucky she wasn't a fighter, a girl can still rock your ass if its clean to the chin.
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  • anonymous @ 06/08/16 09:28AM
    woman hits man no one bats an eye... man hits woman and everyone loses their mind...
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 03:07PM
    Lmao white people will always find a way to involve black people in they craziness. Crackers these days
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 12:39PM
    I love you! No I love you! No shut up I love you! No I love you more than anything! So why did you fuck my sister?
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  • Puss filled boil on the edge of my dirty asshole @ 06/07/16 12:19PM
    That fucking cunt hit that drunk dude like 40 times. That cunt deserved every hit that dude threw back at her. Well done
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 11:09AM
    Bitch hits man, OK - Man hits bitch, NOT OK - Bitch hits man.. Not OK, man hits bitch, not OK... Bitch hits man.. OK.. Man hits bitch... OK!
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  • lol @ 06/07/16 08:18AM
    Well...she hit him first about 34 times
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  • Goofy goofer @ 06/07/16 07:58AM
    No one steps in while the woman is beating the man..but the woman has an instant"hero" jump in...hmmmm anything wrong here..
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  • --huh-- @ 06/07/16 04:10AM
    1:40 is when it starts gettin good
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 03:36AM
    tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are. Both the man and woman are abusive pricks
    0 0
  • Spoon @ 06/07/16 02:08AM
    Equal rights in action. I hope she goes to jail for a long time for assaulting an unarmed man, and he should get a medal of bravery for standing up to domestic abuse.
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 01:57AM
    relationship goals xD
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 12:38AM
    Never ok to hit a woman. Hope that piece of shit get fucked in the ass every day in prison.
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 12:25AM
    these 2 retards are perfect for each other, both dumb and ugly, they should stick together
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  • anonymous @ 06/07/16 12:17AM
    uhhh what
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