Dad Attacks Men After Son Gets Hit By Car

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sdsd +0 Points October 30, 2012

just try to imagine how stupid a race must be to invite such a stupid sounding language... they better all kill each other with these funny small cal weapons which everyone seems to carry.. brschd kwa da kak na moinlaka.. funn as hell im sorry the kid isnt dead yet..


dang +0 Points June 15, 2010

Buzz kill

dad of 2 +0 Points June 10, 2010


lilzook +0 Points June 9, 2010

lmfao..damn nothing in the world can stop russians from delivering a beating

Are you stupid +0 Points June 9, 2010

No "Is That Right" it's called having the IQ of a chimp. Are you a chimp? do you like to chimp out or are you just a Juice-Monkey, full of roid-rage? go get another tattoo!

brooklyngod +0 Points June 8, 2010

i guess. oh si

??? +0 Points June 8, 2010

why do I keep watching this crap

111111111 +0 Points June 8, 2010

Its called a reaction!

sdf +0 Points June 8, 2010

Yea and that's going to help Dad.

ugh +0 Points June 8, 2010

Russians are so fucking annoying

Is That Right +0 Points June 8, 2010

Unless you are a father you will and can not understand what is going through that fathers mind...I have a 4 year old son and i woulda done the same. Its called a reaction!

Loser +0 Points June 8, 2010

Instead of worrying about his son being a fucking vegetable he goes after the guy who was concerned enough to call emerg...fucking russians are fucked

Cuntflaps +0 Points June 8, 2010

LOL fucking retard. Probably pissed on potato juice.

lol +0 Points June 8, 2010

yeah, and it was the dad who stepped on his leg. lol

omfg +0 Points June 8, 2010

the kid's mangled leg gets stepped on hard during the scuffle. fyl


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