Crazy Submission Wins Bellator MMA Fight

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dumbass +0 Points January 20, 2013

what a dumbass ref! he was out for ages, thick twat

CaliKing -1 Points January 18, 2013

OrionRed - Good job on stating the obvious of mma fighting. I dont think anybody would have noticed that if you never mentioned it.

Talbutt -1 Points January 18, 2013

That was actually pretty good.

Doc56 +1 Point January 18, 2013

Slick Move

OrionRed +1 Point January 18, 2013

The thing that impresses me most about these guys is how they can be so flexible on their strategies. If they can win with strength, they do, if they have to win with speed, they do, if they have to win with technique, they do.


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