Chick Knocked The Fuck Out By Boyfriend

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Q2 +0 Points June 28, 2015

always fucking nigga?

lol +0 Points March 15, 2013

respect *touch fists*

Liam +0 Points July 7, 2010

Ha, slack but funny

toocool +0 Points July 6, 2010

did he say.."she's leakin"..

viva +0 Points July 6, 2010

u lost your virgenty now nest time used your ass bitch

Uranus +0 Points July 6, 2010

Whats do u expects? they r NIGGAAAAAASSS

MAD BARRY FERGUSON +0 Points July 6, 2010


damn +0 Points July 6, 2010

I'm thinking she'll think twice about trying to fight a dude again. maybe the head blow will calm her down a bit

brooklyngod +0 Points July 6, 2010

why, just answer me that ?. oh si

kev +0 Points July 6, 2010

Damn negros!

umm +0 Points July 6, 2010

oooh that bitch leakin! fuckin gross, BUT, its a lesson learned for any bitch that wants to go toe to toe with a guy. that vagina doesnt make you invincible.

pat +0 Points July 6, 2010

bwaaaaaahahahaha! funniest shit I've seen all day !

Brock Lector +0 Points July 6, 2010

She got knocked the Newports out ! "She be leakin" oh yeah which end?

pete +0 Points July 6, 2010

i was expecting a piece of chicken to fall out her pocket along with the pack of "poots"

niggers +0 Points July 6, 2010

typical black

damn +0 Points July 6, 2010

i wish i could do that to my ex..

lilzook +0 Points July 6, 2010

shim kinda looked like dude..i couldnt tell..but she had a manish build

Cuntflaps +0 Points July 6, 2010

Love the comments here. LOL. Makes a turd look intelligent.

vic +0 Points July 6, 2010

that is what happens when bitches think they can fight with men.

foo +0 Points July 6, 2010

notin wrong with what he did, she was coming at him and he defended himself. He treated her like an equal just the way bitches like.


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