Car Runs Over Two Guys Fighting Each Other

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Tess +0 Points June 28, 2013

Deep thoghut! Thanks for contributing.

Oscar +0 Points June 28, 2013

Ok...this MUST be a man thing! I am just like you I HATE being late! I would rather be 30 minetus early, then 2 minetus late! And Cory is so hum-de-dum takes his SWEET time!!! And I too, lie about what time we are suppose to be somewhere....hehehe!!!

Rajeev +0 Points April 3, 2013

I guess I'm shallow, don't exiercse enough, crazy and have lost my mind...Wow, your blog does wonders for my ego...Seriously though, relationships do take alot of time, and it's better to wait until you do have the time and willness to give to someone. Have they lost their minds or just made a mature decision?Jae

pixle +0 Points December 11, 2011

Anonymous +1 Point May 6, 2011

Hey, that post leaves me feeling fooilsh. Kudos to you!

LMAO! +1 Point May 30, 2010

rofl pWNED hahahahahaha.

lilzook +1 Point May 30, 2010

the perfect way to stop any and every fight

ugh... +1 Point May 30, 2010

punches and kicks may hurt, but four wheels roll for heavier damage!

Liam +1 Point May 29, 2010

haha love it

asdas +1 Point May 29, 2010

The Russians even said DAAAMN when watching this.

darwin +1 Point May 29, 2010

Poor aim. Quick right would have taken out 3 more.

brooklyngod +1 Point May 29, 2010

another instant priceless classic shoosh time video. oh si


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