Bully Gets Humiliated in Front of School

Fucking guy's dressed like a penis and fights like a limp one. No matter he has so much suppressed rage.

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User Comments (14)

  • Hmmmmm @ 11/09/12 01:11AMBest Comment
    Perhaps he learned a thing or two about having words you can back up.
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  • BlackLeprechaunn @ 11/09/12 09:02AM
    I would of sucked his dick
    3 3
  • BlackLeprechaun @ 11/09/12 08:37AM
    i wood have took both there lunch monies and made them say thank you Mr. chaun....bahahahahhaha..
    2 4
  • geoff @ 11/09/12 05:13AM
    theyre both nerds end of story
    2 3
  • Steve @ 11/09/12 05:10AM
    I farted
    2 3
  • jimbean3815 @ 11/09/12 01:52AM
    sorry if the floor wasnt so slippery
    2 3
  • jimbean3815 @ 11/09/12 01:50AM
    was that a fight good thing the janitor waxed that floor they would of faught more if the door wasnt so slippery
    2 3
  • uhbnokshuhs @ 11/09/12 01:49AM
    world star!!!
    2 3
  • Kelly @ 11/10/12 03:28AM
    @Pixie stfu and keep sucking Blackleprechaunns fat juicy cock while I plow your ass raw with my horse strapon.
    1 1
  • pixle @ 11/09/12 12:23PM
    @ Blackleprechaunn stfu fag
    1 4
  • AussieBoy @ 02/11/13 01:10AM
    never pick on the guy wearing one of them trailer trash top's, they seem to always be the one winning, minus the 12 year old black kid at the skate park that got hit by the 15 year old and went got his mom
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  • LMFAO @ 12/07/12 02:18AM
    NoOne Was Black... Yet I Hear WORLDDSTARR !
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  • anon @ 11/15/12 11:53AM
    I am just glad that the bully wasn't black.
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  • Weeg @ 11/13/12 09:31AM
    That would get him lot of pussies
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