Atlanta Cop Decks White Girl In The Face

Can't blame him. If I was in an IHOP and the person being violent wasn't a black female, I'd start hitting everything that moved thinking the world was ending.

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Category: Fights
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  • SHE took advantage of HIM! (Drunk anal sex)
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User Comments (29)

  • @ 05/08/11 11:40PM
    hmmm 3 am alcohol had nothing to do with it
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  • @ 05/03/11 05:00PM
    Good job brother we need to start training women again to shut the fuck up otherwise you will get 5 across the eyes
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  • @ 05/01/11 06:28PM
    hmm this is unjust..the pig used to be a gay litle no talent white boy who always got picked on and is now taken his anger out on a lil white girl with a decent ass...this is also a good example of all the pussy "men" who jus sand there and watch 2 pigs have their "duty" carried out...all those "men" in there shouldve rallied together and fucked them up in response...sham on people in atlanta your obviously populated with a bunch of girls
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  • @ 05/01/11 02:30AM
    some 1 is getting fired
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  • @ 04/30/11 08:57PM
    gotta keep dem god damn bitches in check
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  • @ 04/30/11 08:04PM
    you are sooooo full of shit!!!!
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  • @ 04/30/11 12:38PM
    Truth says: Woman attacked the police officer. Assault and obstruction of justice and resisting arrest all apply here. The woman was in the wrong and the officer was well within his rights to subdue her after her violent actions.
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  • @ 04/29/11 06:59PM
    The guy telling his friend to shut up about having it all on film was the smartest one around because if they heard that they would have beat his ass and takin his camera and destroyed it.
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  • @ 04/29/11 04:31PM
    does anybody have to angle from behind so i can check her ass out it looked good with that thong on
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  • @ 04/28/11 09:25PM
    Yep. We keep our bitches in check down south.
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  • @ 04/28/11 05:46AM
    To the guy below me........standers?? I think you mean s-t-a-n-d-a-r-ds
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  • @ 04/27/11 11:19PM
    This type of so called police work does not suprise me, after all the standers for police officers had fallen to such low standers that they will hire anybody. Most so called cop are no better then the thugs and scum they arrest. We the tax payers are paying for this it makes me so angry to see this, that pig who did this is to stupid to understand what he did he thinks he is doing a good job. The worst part is we let him do it by not making our leaders and others officials responable for their actions.
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  • @ 04/27/11 09:32PM
    Wow, racism at it's finest....for those who can only make racist remarks (including the heading of this clip), you truly show your intellect and ignorance!! Although she did assault the police officer first, he should have definitely handled himself professionally. He didn't!!
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  • @ 04/27/11 08:44PM
    Bitch threw a punch. Equal opportunity response.
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  • @ 04/27/11 06:29PM
    No. You hit a bitch if she hits you. They fucking want equality then they need to learn to exercise it. Personally, I think that cop should've shot her in the face. 10 times.
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  • @ 04/27/11 06:18PM
    She was tough!! Those cops had to give it their all to take her down! His best shot to her jaw just pissed her off more. Even at the end she was on her feet talking shit! Bad move on her part, don't punch a cop and you less likely to punchec a cop, taken to jail and ending up on shoosh
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  • @ 04/27/11 06:15PM
    You never hit women. These faggots have forgotten the rule. You only hit a bitch if she has a knife or gun.
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  • @ 04/27/11 02:30PM
    Bobba Fett in the back didn't even do anything
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  • @ 04/27/11 02:10PM
    fuck your so fuckin stupid budie they are to suaver and protect.... no to suaver a beatin i hope that pig got fucked over fuckin pigs
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  • @ 04/27/11 01:37PM
    dude am all about womens right and not hiting a chick but that bitch deserved it
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  • @ 04/27/11 01:35PM
    Damn! She should have known better. NEVER lay a hand on a cop, because that opens the door to your ass getting beaten, then arrested.
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  • @ 04/27/11 11:02AM
    He should have used his baton on the bitch!
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  • @ 04/27/11 09:35AM
    Once more you whiney ass dumbass cry cop abuse Fact 1 Interferance with an officer doing his duty . 2. Assulting an officer 3. Resisting arrest 4. Willing to bet shes hammered , just another case of "do what the officer tells you to do and you wont wake up in a room with glass walls or bars
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  • @ 04/27/11 09:13AM
    I guess he was sacred of how powerful she was
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  • @ 04/27/11 05:46AM
    She swung on him. Down she goes. For being a stupid enough cunt to swing on a cop she deserves this. What did she think would happen? The cop would take one to the head and say "well I see your point miss" and he's walk away?
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  • @ 04/27/11 05:08AM
    Just another cop that thinks he can do and say as he pleases because he has a badge, fuckin pigs. I found it hilarious that it took two men to take her down
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  • @ 04/27/11 12:36AM
    White girl fall down, go BOOM!
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