Asshole Punches Girl In The Face After Rejection

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pinkiesintrouble +0 Points December 15, 2014

She'll be back for BBC

adijos -1 Points December 29, 2011

blacks to the gas

adijos -1 Points December 29, 2011

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Anonymous +0 Points May 6, 2011

Fell out of bed fleineg down. This has brightened my day!

Anonymous +0 Points May 6, 2011

YouÂ’re on top of the game. Tnkhas for sharing.

Nay -1 Points June 24, 2010

whats wrong with his methods?

its the way all blacks get laid, they ko the girl, drag em to the bushes like they did in africa n infect them with aids

cant believe you haven't seen it before

Al Sharpton NAACP +0 Points June 9, 2010

why are blacks still being oppressed? there needs to be a law obligating white woman to have sex with black men at least 4 times in their lifetime. Black men DESERVE to fuck white women too!!

TheOne -1 Points June 7, 2010

This is why i hate the rest shit of World-BlackShit!-

coco -1 Points June 7, 2010

is french !

WWW -1 Points June 6, 2010


Unkldave -1 Points June 4, 2010

Where is this? South Africa?

nopurty +0 Points June 3, 2010


draculaaaarrrrrr -1 Points June 3, 2010

Its a stunt, not real

NIGGA SHIT -1 Points June 2, 2010


mert -1 Points June 2, 2010

yeah he is really asshole !!!!

hey -1 Points June 2, 2010

This is for k the only white poeple you see doing shit like this is stupid Russians not white american men

upset -1 Points June 1, 2010

slap him instead

Fucked up -1 Points June 1, 2010

Carry a gun next time and shoot him in the dick!

wow -1 Points June 1, 2010


brooklyngod -1 Points June 1, 2010

what did you expect. oh si

toto93 -1 Points June 1, 2010

Je connais c'est a bobigny et le pire de tout c'est qu'il ya une prefecture et n commissariat juste à côté! Quels fdp...

what -1 Points June 1, 2010

where 's jesse jackson and al sharpton now those racist pigs

damn -1 Points June 1, 2010

hey... that guy deserves a good ole mob lynching... (not saying this because he's black... just for the hit itself)

sputnik +0 Points June 1, 2010

try that in alabam and see what you will get in return

K -1 Points June 1, 2010

All the videos of stupid white people doing stupid offensive shit on this site, and no one says anything. One video of a black guy doing some stupid shit and you all start calling him the N word and being racist. He was totally in the wrong, but these rac


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