8 fights you can't miss today (#5 is PAINFUL)

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  • It's her first time, and I already want MORE!
  • LIKE A BOSS: Not one fuck was given that day
  • Barely legal, almost pregnant. You on the pill?
  • LOL: Did you get that ass done at Jiffy Lube?
  • "My sister's friend sneaks into my bed and..."
  • "I'll give you $5.00 to squirt on your friend"
  • I think his daughter has Jungle Fever...
  • You're gonna need THREE hands for these!
  • I'll admit it: She was worth EVERY damn cent!
  • If you fuck a family member, DONT film it...
  • WOW: This girl's fuckin cute AND a nympho
  • Charming 19-year-old finds her new love
  • DAMN! A lotta work went into this MILF body
  • Look how TIGHT! Of course he creampied!
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User Comments (30)

  • madmax @ 08/16/16 04:34AMBest Comment
    what a fucking piece of shit coward black bitch hitting a fucking kid. i swear if one of them hit my kid i'd kill her and her fucking family, and not one cunt standing around did a fucking thing they just kept on filming, i hope she's the bitch that gets shot by the cops next that would be karma karma
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 06:32PM
    buncha savages in this town
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  • Nogs @ 08/15/16 11:18AM
    Wow. She hit that boy. What a enormous piece of shit. Just... Wow.
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 05:24AM
    warning adults that hangout at playgrounds
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  • spiderweb66 @ 10/02/16 03:53AM
    #8 is a felony!
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  • ANON @ 09/02/16 09:59AM
    Give that wild cunt in clip #8 a painful, wretched death, and televise it. Show society what happens if you act like a howling, mindless, shitape hunk of biotrash, instead of behaving like a human being.
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  • march 2015 @ 08/16/16 12:20PM
    This is OLD! That #8 is from March 2015
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  • raul @ 08/16/16 09:21AM
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 08:37PM
    En eye gee gee eee are Es
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  • yep @ 08/15/16 07:11PM
    why does every black guy sound like a gay drama queen "oh shit oh shit"
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 02:25PM
    why i carry everyday... would have shot em' and got away with it.
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 12:21PM
    Low class, fucking chimps. Hitting a little kid. How much lower than shit, can it get. Should be shot, on site.
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  • lol @ 08/15/16 11:10AM
    Stupid chinks copy EVERYTHING from USA
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 06:24AM
    #8 And this is why black lives matter amirite?
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  • anonymous @ 08/15/16 03:40AM
    why didn't #5 try to defend himself? the dude came at him so slow he could have made them both a sammich
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