8 Fights You Can't Miss Today (#2 is fucked)

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  • The Daddy Issues Made Her a PERFECT Fuck
  • She has sex so much, they made a 'BEST-OF'
  • She BETTER be scared. That thing is 12 inches!
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME for this anal addiction
  • Your mom's a whore, I have the vid to prove it
  • EXPOSED: Stupid bitch thinks cheating is funny
  • What a body! It was made to take it this hard
  • Talk about fucking WAY OUT OF HIS LEAGUE!
  • She must have the happiest neighbors EVER
  • Sister's friend caught in hot tub. And THEN...
  • "You werent supposed to cum inside of me..."
  • She wanted to be a model. He took advantage
  • An adorable face NO MAN could ever deny
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User Comments (32)

  • ANON @ 10/01/16 07:56AMBest Comment
    Where's that girl in the thumbnail pic?(right side) I did not see her in the video. She is bloody cute
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  • Big Black @ 10/01/16 12:56AM
    LOL this is so funny all these white little girls posting as "Anonymous". Yes yes go on exclaim your ignorance from the safety of your moms basement. Rewatch the video cowards. 90% of the people "being monkeys" were white in this video montage. Please tell me what it is like to live in fear of an entire race. LOL no website has ever hosted more of a pussy population then this one. There is not one single person NOT ONE that would say what you said here to a black man or woman to their face.
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  • anonymous @ 01/13/17 11:04AM
    It just goes to show no matter where the animals live they can't maintain civility
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  • anonymous @ 12/12/16 03:12PM
    You're a pussy Big Black ... go run behind your BLM flag and cry. If blacks were so tough, they would be in charge and not have to cry and whine about their food stamps going dry
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  • anonymous @ 10/15/16 05:48PM
    The last one is attempted murder and a hate crime
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  • anonymous @ 10/15/16 06:01AM
    Dayum dayum dayum dayum dayum
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  • anonymous @ 10/05/16 09:36AM
    Big black you know your people were born with out patience right?
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  • Geist @ 10/02/16 10:36AM
    who are these fucking white knight cops who let the girl assault that guy, but jump in and attack him when he tries to defend himself? typical pigs attacking the victim. stop all white knights!
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  • anonymous @ 10/02/16 01:16AM
    90% white people? big black you just proved how dumb you really are
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  • anonymous @ 10/02/16 12:04AM
    how many are black.. fucking deplorable
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  • raul @ 09/30/16 09:07PM
    maldutas negras de mierda #8 fuck you bitches
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  • tradog @ 09/30/16 08:28PM
    dont fight. ... those people who Fight not 1 vs 1 are bitch'es should die alone shoot yourself
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  • anonymous @ 09/30/16 04:21PM
    blak lives matter fuch off black womens
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  • anonymous @ 09/30/16 11:30AM
    The majority of these fights are crackers, cave people, neanderthals who introduced violence to the WORLD!
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  • anonymous @ 09/30/16 08:12AM
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  • Ray Rice @ 09/30/16 07:31AM
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  • anonymous @ 09/30/16 05:11AM
    Blacks are herd animals... when you fight one, the whole herd fights... you need to be aware and approach the situation prepared to kill all within earshot.
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  • anonymous @ 09/30/16 04:55AM
    Yeah the Ape people is right...they are feral animals.
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  • anonymous @ 09/30/16 01:18AM
    #8 is just more proof that the ape people are just total animals full of violent tendencies no matter what country they are in.
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