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Shawn +0 Points April 23, 2018

Nice vid. Typical, nothing new. I live close too the the most dangerous city in America, Camden N.J so I see this shit probly more than most people. Soooo white girls have u learned your lesson yet Hmmm Stay away from Bubba Gump and you won’t get your asses jumped and beat down anymore. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? And if you don’t, well, fuck it. Get beat the fuck up some more, and then maybe realize you are the enemy to them. And they don’t give two shits about you. You will never be as equal to a black girl as another black girl is. And for that keep getting your faces beat it. I think it’s fucking hilarious sometimes. I really do laugh out loud, no joke people. O well I’m off, my girl fell sleep so I’m going over to neighbors house to fuck the shit out of her while her husband works overnight. God she loves it, she turns into a total fucking slut with me it is unreal. You would never guess by looking at her. But of course wen I look at her she’s got her legs wrapped behind her head and I’m smashing her pussy like the world was ending. Then jamming it in her down her throte shooting a huge load and swallows like a champ. She loves it. Dicks gettin hard just waitin to go

Anonymous +0 Points April 23, 2018

Nigger animals. That’s all u are plain and simple. Keep shooting one another and pump out more crack babies. It would be so nice if you fucking screaming monkeys just one day wiped out your entire race. Boy, I’m sure the world would not miss one second of the time you spent on earth being complete and utter pieces of shit. Although I would probly miss those few black girls used to love sucking my dick , o and with those big ole spare tire lips those bitches had I loved getting them too.

Anonymous +0 Points February 12, 2018

Only moronic cowards hit & hurt women. If you think it is ok .. Well there is something wrong with you.

Anonymous +0 Points October 25, 2017

Moral of the stories? Avoid monkeys if you can. If you can't, just shoot them.

julie5b568 +0 Points September 22, 2017

as attractive as they both are.... careful what you wish for guys. its not as fun as you think being with a sex crazed woman. the first couple of times doing it is great. but after the 3rd, 4th and 5th time. you'll be begging them to stop. last 3 girls I dated were nymphomaniacs. they were enough to make me swear off sex since then

Anonymous +0 Points August 4, 2017

Fucking shitskins!! 3 on 1.

Anonymous +1 Point July 19, 2017

#7: if you're a man, you can't fight back.

Anonymous +0 Points May 1, 2017

horrible especially the last one

Anonymous +0 Points January 13, 2017

It just goes to show no matter where the animals live they can't maintain civility

Anonymous +0 Points December 12, 2016

You're a pussy Big Black ... go run behind your BLM flag and cry. If blacks were so tough, they would be in charge and not have to cry and whine about their food stamps going dry

Anonymous +0 Points October 15, 2016

The last one is attempted murder and a hate crime

Anonymous +0 Points October 15, 2016

Dayum dayum dayum dayum dayum

Anonymous +0 Points October 5, 2016

Big black you know your people were born with out patience right?

Geist +0 Points October 2, 2016

who are these fucking white knight cops who let the girl assault that guy, but jump in and attack him when he tries to defend himself? typical pigs attacking the victim. stop all white knights!

Anonymous +0 Points October 2, 2016

90% white people? big black you just proved how dumb you really are

Anonymous +0 Points October 2, 2016

how many are black.. fucking deplorable


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