8 fights you can't miss today (#8 is crazy)

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deb6e733 +0 Points September 22, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points March 6, 2017

#4 was a twist ending straight out of M Knigh Shamyalans play book.

Anonymous +0 Points August 13, 2016

3'57" : zombie attack

Anonymous +1 Point August 3, 2016

Then you wonder why cops shoot nuggets. That's why.

Anonymous +1 Point August 1, 2016

#6 america is fucked when you have scrawny white teens saying nigga like they black

Farook -2 Points August 1, 2016

Hey Ben Carson. When you're done fucking your cousin like the rest of the inbred Trump supporters, you mind going out and looking for a job instead of bleeding our economy dry and living off welfare and ss. Thanks

Anonymous +0 Points August 1, 2016

lol at the beginning, best not to be parking on the street at night


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