8 fights you can't miss today (#3 is a legend)

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sherry5q481 +0 Points September 22, 2017

Cum on! Girl leaves her glasses on during sex, it's to protect her eyes. You gotta blast the face with that cumshot!

spiderweb66 +0 Points October 2, 2016

I get it, I get it, it was in the fucking shelter! Geez. Black people have an annoying habit of repeating themselves. I wonder why.

Anonymous +0 Points September 15, 2016

#3 You can't beat someone who is laced up when you're barefoot, especially on that carpet.

Anonymous +0 Points September 4, 2016

#7 is fucking heartbreaking..the dudette filming could be a good journalist, warzone reporter type of shit..

Anonymous +0 Points September 3, 2016

at least #4 guy tried to stop this... I don't think I've seen anyone trying to stop these pointless fights

Anonymous +0 Points August 31, 2016

White People Are Fucking Stupid lol

Anonymous +0 Points August 30, 2016

omg #1... that clap was thunderous

Anonymous +1 Point August 30, 2016

A black person screaming 1 on 1 is hilarious.

Leled -1 Points August 30, 2016

Fucking black animals... to the jungle with them yoooo

lol +0 Points August 30, 2016

Make America great again, dare you to try....

Deadlikecobain 😜🔫 -1 Points August 30, 2016

1,5,6,7,8 #blacklivesmatter. Hahahaha. Disgusting group of fucking savages that think the country owes them EVERYTHING. Don't say the dreaded N word around this peace loving group of gentle people. Keep killing each other.

Elliot Offen +1 Point August 30, 2016


STFU +0 Points August 30, 2016

People are fucking stupid...

wubhub +0 Points August 30, 2016

#3 is legendary you mean old as shit

Anonymous -1 Points August 30, 2016


Anonymous +1 Point August 30, 2016

why is the drunk and shaky fucker always the one recording?


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