3 vs 2 Fight Leaves Guys Totally Fucked Up

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kkk +0 Points January 2, 2013

that's why they are stupid, they like getting and giving kicks to the head. bunch of brain injured punks

German +0 Points November 20, 2010

Scheiss Russen BASdARDE

Deutschland +0 Points November 20, 2010


What? +0 Points May 28, 2010

Should have never asked him what he would do for a Klondike bar.

Cot-Damn +0 Points May 28, 2010

All that because that because he had only 1 Heineken? Well now theres none.

brooklyngod +0 Points May 27, 2010

russians beating each other up or getting beat on. so what else is new. oh si

damn +0 Points May 27, 2010

the ole russian head stomp. I give him a 4 for execution. I have seen much much better.

3 v 2 +0 Points May 27, 2010

one of the three just moved some broken brick around ffs

hmmm +0 Points May 27, 2010

good point what has russia contributed in hhmm let me think, err OH WAIT world war 2 u know the one with hitler u dumb bastard, but that is all. That and nukes i guess

lilzook +0 Points May 27, 2010

damn russians dont know when to stop

melton +0 Points May 27, 2010

a trend with all the russian videos here. they like to kick their opponents in the head. pinche good.

2 vs 2 +0 Points May 27, 2010

1 of them had his hands stuck in his coat n couldnt do anything

Freinds +0 Points May 27, 2010

In Russia freinds dont let freinds drive drunk damn it

hmm +0 Points May 27, 2010

as always stinky filthy russians, what do they contribute to the world anyway..

Viking +0 Points May 27, 2010

Russians are underdogs

wtf +0 Points May 27, 2010

those two didn't even put up a fight, can't be ruskies

haha +0 Points May 27, 2010

nice pants homo

Nuke 'em +0 Points May 27, 2010

Russians are disgusting animals

... +0 Points May 27, 2010

another russian fag fight video

Russians... +0 Points May 27, 2010

...nuff said.

dick +0 Points May 27, 2010

if someone says oh si,they finger horses butt holes and chew there finger nails


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