Fight Ends With Nastiest Neck Breaker Ever

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Anonymous +0 Points May 5, 2011

YouÂ’ve got it in one. CouldnÂ’t have put it bteter.

i was a witness +0 Points May 22, 2010

and also... THROBBING COCK!!!!

i was a witness +0 Points May 21, 2010

o yea and i when i was young someone stuck it in my bum so i tell lies sometimes

..... +0 Points May 20, 2010

Bad Brooklyngod not Oh SI its Oh no!

I was a witness! +0 Points May 20, 2010

The guy died on the spot! They put him on a back board and they were using an AED. He died.

brooklyngod +0 Points May 20, 2010

oh si

jeezuz +0 Points May 20, 2010

oh my god.. anyone know anything about this?

New Look +0 Points May 20, 2010

He can see where hes been now head turns like an owls

umm +0 Points May 20, 2010

damn, his head twisted all the way under him, backwards

lilzook +0 Points May 20, 2010

LOL..thata gnna leave a mark


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