This would've killed another girl. She's a PRO

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  • "I can't believe I made you cum that fast!"
  • My sister is HOT... but she's a little WHORE
  • 3 years later she wants this OFF the Internet
  • "I can feel my vagina dripping down my leg!"
  • JACKPOT! From HI to SEX in under 2 hours
  • NO BS: Just 6 Minutes of Big Amateur Facials
  • Mommy calls in the MIDDLE of her creampie!
  • "It's cool, just fuck me in front of 5 strangers"
  • Just scroll to 17:28 (WTF)
  • 18-year-old's first outdoor sex video is a HIT
  • They said she's a virgin... I don't fuckin buy it!
  • If he doesn't marry this chick, I might have to
  • Fantastic first timer college girl getting down
  • The convulsing orgasms are hot. that facial tho
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User Comments (8)

  • anonymous @ 01/09/17 07:00PMBest Comment
    I wish this girl would do a video where she just gave a normal, high quality blowjob. I hate this face-fucking trend. Between this an the over-abundance of incest porn, I'm getting frustrated.
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  • anonymous @ 01/09/17 05:49PM
    alice cooper porn? da fuck?
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  • anonymous @ 01/09/17 02:05PM
    I am exactly 6 inches and NO, they can't all deep throat it. Trust me on that.
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  • anonymous @ 01/09/17 04:03AM
    Don't care how deep she can take my dick, that face ain't going anywhere near it.
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  • anonymous @ 01/10/17 06:26PM
    Why is shoosh promoting this girl so much
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  • anonymous @ 01/09/17 04:03AM
    BRO, there is no DEEPTHORAT with a 6cm Penis!!! Fuck off.... every girl can do that!
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