Female Skier Freaks Out After Brutal Accident

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asd +0 Points November 1, 2010

that french chick who feel in the first 5 seconds was better.

brooklyngod +0 Points February 6, 2010

oh si

jesus christ +0 Points February 2, 2010

what the fuck was with that scream. holy shit. so unnecessary. stupid bitch.

lol +0 Points February 2, 2010

Waaaa... waaaaaa

Doc56 +0 Points February 2, 2010

She wasn't walking if you watch close you will see her legs in air as the two guys carry her cooler style

errr? +0 Points February 2, 2010

She screams her head off then walks away lol fucking hell, it's clearly not just men that exaggerate everything!!

MMA ADICT +0 Points February 2, 2010

who writes this shit? A monkey on crack? Her leg didnt snap fuckface


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