Fat Ass Cat Knocks TV Onto His Owner's Face

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Geo +0 Points January 29, 2010

i like the insult to injury when the guitar smacks him in the back of the head...Classic!

24lateralus +0 Points January 29, 2010

even if its fake, thats the funniest shit ever. the cat didnt even bother looking after he brought down the whole fucking house. a t.v and a guitar? god that cat would have destroyed my whole life.

lilzook +0 Points January 29, 2010

fat cat fat guy...equal rights

wtf +0 Points January 28, 2010

looks like his cat needs to do some eit ups too

brooklyngod +0 Points January 28, 2010

whatever man. this video was a bit on the iffy side. straight up yo. oh si

Ghost +0 Points January 28, 2010

It wasn't the cat it was a ghost, he drop the guitar also on his stupid ass..

duh +0 Points January 28, 2010

that wasn't a 40" and why the FUCK wasn't it plugged in

lol +0 Points January 28, 2010

skin the cat, make some new slippers.

Damn it! +0 Points January 28, 2010

Shit, that TV didn't break.

yeah +0 Points January 28, 2010

why was he filming this....and why didnt his tv have any wires...gotta call fake

Doc56 +0 Points January 28, 2010

Cat was like "wheres dem chicken wings you had at?"

Fake +0 Points January 28, 2010

-No cable

-Cat looks normal

-Guitar for a great faker

ummm... +0 Points January 28, 2010

why was he filming himself doing sit ups?

marco polo +0 Points January 28, 2010

did he died?

Anonymous +0 Points January 28, 2010

Garfield FTW.


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