Failed Gunpoint Robbery Humiliates A Thug

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Artimus McNigger Killer +0 Points August 2, 2010

black people can't even rob places correctly now... well i guess that makes them officially 100% useless now

lilzook +0 Points August 1, 2010

black people..give up now

WHITEY +0 Points July 31, 2010

SHOOT THE BLACK CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noob +0 Points July 31, 2010

All criminals should be put to death. They are worthless.

dean +0 Points July 31, 2010

i would have shot him

YEA +0 Points July 31, 2010

fucking badass

should have +0 Points July 31, 2010

he guy should have fired a round off into the thug then stood up and held him at gun point and let him bleed out while waiting for cops

prlaaxx +0 Points July 31, 2010

Look a these two fagots run away

ATSViper +0 Points July 31, 2010

Did he really go back towards the end and try to grab the money? Fucking retard

hehehe +0 Points July 31, 2010

withe power...kidding

the poor black dude



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