Extreme Booty Dancing Results In Crotch Pain

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Racists +0 Points May 6, 2010

Are the fat dickless faggots that got humiliated at school by minorities. You're all fucking weak, now get over it.

for crying out loud +0 Points May 1, 2010

EVERY RACIST SHOULD BE EXTERMINATED..(im white by da way) give it a fucking rest.

umm +0 Points April 30, 2010

once again, so....fucking....gross

Me +0 Points April 29, 2010

Obama is half black. He is half white. Raised by whites. Educated by whites. His black father abandoned him.

Gonorrhea +0 Points April 29, 2010

Ima a Gymnast.

I can clap lots a stuff.

brooklyngod +0 Points April 29, 2010

meh. oh si

jim +0 Points April 29, 2010

fuckin dumb chimp

kev +0 Points April 29, 2010

Figures a black girl thinks shaking her ass on a couple of chairs is showing everyone how dumb she really is. Must be a race thing.

Doc56 +0 Points April 29, 2010

She was born with built in air bags in her ass she will be fine she bounced right back

vb +0 Points April 29, 2010

obama is not a nigga hes a black man ... learn the diffrnce

sir +0 Points April 29, 2010

i won't jerk off to that.

@ben +0 Points April 29, 2010

oh yeah.... what about white women..? dumb fuck

darwin +0 Points April 29, 2010

Not enough stretch. She'll never get anywhere in life.

Give it a rest +0 Points April 29, 2010

I like the videos on shooshtime, but why has it become a haven for ignorant racists. Your country (America) has a black president for fucks sake, yet you still make these racist quips. All it does is make YOU look stupid.

ben +0 Points April 29, 2010

"only the white man can be a racist"

Pusher +0 Points April 29, 2010

What the fuck did the negress think would happen with the chairs? Like a monkey with no common sense wiping its own ass and and then smelling the ripe hand.

lilzook +0 Points April 29, 2010

damn..i wanted to see her "get loose wit it"

Me +0 Points April 29, 2010

Why do black females think they are attractive?


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