Enraged Chick Goes Ballistic On Chubby Girl

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Liam +0 Points August 3, 2010

Fat ugly pig, got wat she deserved

lilzook +0 Points July 29, 2010

all the talk of titties..im calling my gf

Prove Me Wrong +0 Points July 29, 2010

White bitch got slammed lol

fatbasterd +0 Points July 29, 2010


umm +0 Points July 29, 2010

gross. lol @ the black girls fake ass horse hair being pulled out

boo +0 Points July 29, 2010

Chick fights are horrible. Nobody knows how to get behind a punch, so it's just slapping and hair pulling. Hopefully a tit falls out at some point.

brian +0 Points July 29, 2010

couldn't really see a winner there...


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