Eminem's Doppelganger Refuses To Pay Taxes

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sad +0 Points April 24, 2010

False teeth at such a young age. Someone needs a hug.

damn +0 Points April 24, 2010

I hope that is fake.

random +0 Points April 23, 2010

2,117 dollars and you just spent 10 dollars of that on chinese... i hate my land of freedom now...

Okay, seriously.... +0 Points April 20, 2010

If this guy is being real, then he's a fucking full blown retard. He doesn't have to file. But if he was due a refund, he won't get it. If he owes, the IRS may do it for him which is worse. It's called an SFR. He doesn't have to pay. They can just ga

LOL +0 Points April 20, 2010

for one, he is high as fuck. and two, this dumb motherfucker should die.

if6was9 +0 Points April 20, 2010

LTFOL!!! Too stupid to do a 1040-EZ? "What are are they going to do, throw me in jail?"

Yes dumbass, they will. You'll like it there. The homies will treat you real good!

lilzook +0 Points April 19, 2010

this is the dude who let the transsexual suck his dick

WTF!!! +0 Points April 19, 2010

WTF!! shoosh people stop posting your home videos!

brooklyngod +0 Points April 19, 2010

i believe so. oh si

Oh si? +0 Points April 19, 2010

Wow... This has got to be fake... Are there really people this fucking ignorant? Oh wait, he's probably a shoosh regular!

confused +0 Points April 19, 2010

wow, a+ for acting.

driveredman +0 Points April 19, 2010

haha...what a wigger loser..hahahaha....coonboy...wannabee

LOL +0 Points April 19, 2010

yo this man is Skweezy from youtube, this is the man.

Micky +0 Points April 19, 2010

1040EZ is too hard for this guy? My 16 year old niece figured out the 1040EZ in about 20 min, and he's on DAY 3

He is one dumb fuck +0 Points April 19, 2010

I believe the cops are going to be knocking on his door in 3...2...1...

Kevin +0 Points April 19, 2010

At least three times that shit is only $6,342. You've got bigger problems than taxes "homey".

LAWL +0 Points April 19, 2010

this is one funny man +1

Doc56 +0 Points April 19, 2010

I always wondered what Sylvester the Cat would sound like if he was ever to have been a wigger rapper imitator I made it to 1:00 mark

Mac +0 Points April 19, 2010

"I'm pretty sure I made at least three times that shit" LOL

j +0 Points April 19, 2010

lol this guy is either having a bit of fun or extremly stupid

The government +0 Points April 19, 2010

We ain't in charge of taxes... It's the "Federal Preserve"

chuck +0 Points April 19, 2010

This is why white kids should not be aloud to watch BET. You get dumb wiggas like this as a result. FYI: Dana White is a bitch!

Not convinced +0 Points April 19, 2010

Oh my god please take the camera off this LOSER - I am not surprised he cannot do the math - I am sure he cannot even fill in the name.

WOW +0 Points April 19, 2010

Shoosh, this video is another waste of time. Why post something so stupid? Youtube is full of dumb videos just like this... So if I want to watch dumb shit like this, I'll go to youtube.

Ummm +0 Points April 19, 2010

He looks nothing like Eminem. Also, Eminem sucks.


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