Dude Not So Cool About Arranged Marriage

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lilzook +0 Points July 20, 2010

lol they kill you over rheir of you refuse to marry

melton +0 Points July 19, 2010

come on! HE'S GAY!!! He likes DICKS!!!

umm +0 Points July 19, 2010

well its his own fault for being indian

Nero +0 Points July 19, 2010


G +0 Points July 18, 2010

Shit I'd tap his wife.

todd +0 Points July 18, 2010

"what dumb mother fucker" reread before you post brooklyngod you dumb mexican

brooklyngod +0 Points July 18, 2010

what dumb mother fucker, should have not returned 2 his town. oh si

Dell Tech Support +0 Points July 18, 2010

Tanku for contacting Dell tech support we wish to say we are berryberry hapy for de couples marriage and wish dem da best

kunta dick-me +0 Points July 18, 2010

damn, i had to look at "absconding" in the dictionary to know what it means.

.. +0 Points July 18, 2010

tank u cum again

_ +0 Points July 18, 2010

damn, those guys ruined his plan of being a player. He just wanted some pussy not a marriage lol.

damn +0 Points July 18, 2010

That is some fucked up shit!!!!

ugh +0 Points July 18, 2010

I'd be pretty upset too if I was forced to marry a walking corpse. Then again, his name is Jugdish. JUGDISH. Life sucks in the 3rd world.

superman +0 Points July 18, 2010

crazy fucking indians


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