Dude Gets Clobbered At ATM, Does Nothing

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lilzook +0 Points July 21, 2010

poor guy

and.... +0 Points July 20, 2010

1812 and so on...

Godpuncher +0 Points July 19, 2010

US never lost a war? How about Vietnam? How about Korea? US barely did shit in WWI, and fought only 20% of Germany's armies in WWII.

lol @ the wet back carlos +0 Points July 18, 2010

US sits on the sidelines til the the countries leader comes begging on hands and knees to save their sorry asses. but i guess that's why we've never lost a war... then again almost every war we've fought was for some other sorry ass countries benefit.

Liam +0 Points July 17, 2010

What a jerk

carlos, argentine +0 Points July 17, 2010

@ moron, SDF is just another dumb American, doesn't know the rest of the world exists and so because its different to the way he does it, guesses that it is wrong, dumb septics

wow +0 Points July 17, 2010

just for 20 bucks? i know that white boy is going to be a special serving of black sausage in the cell pretty soon...

Moron +0 Points July 17, 2010

SDF he got in the drivers side you shithead. Just because yous all drive on the wrong side of the road doesnt mean we do

Stfu morons +0 Points July 17, 2010

he wasn't a sisssy...he was fcken smart....obviously he cant fcken win so why wld he piss the other guy off and get his ass kick some more....

From the lead Yancyboy +0 Points July 17, 2010

The voice of sissy boy experiance

wow, really. shit man grow a pair you fucking sissy boy. oh si07/17/2010 12:07p

sdf +0 Points July 17, 2010

Who the fuck was in that van? He got in the passenger side. I don't care if it was a woman. You at least get out and help him up.

carlos, argentine +0 Points July 17, 2010

true, you can always rely on Americans to sit on the sidelines till the fights nearly over, wait till the odds are in their favout then claim victory, pussies

Yup +0 Points July 17, 2010

Typical Europussy can't defend himself. He was probably waiting for an American to come and fight for him.

brooklyngod +0 Points July 17, 2010

wow, really. shit man grow a pair you fucking sissy boy. oh si


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