Dude Flips Out In The Gym, Smashes The Place Up

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Yale +0 Points January 27, 2010

This is what happens when your steroid shrunken balls are larger than your brain. He then went home, and jerked-off to pictures of Mr. Olympia.

24lateralus +0 Points January 27, 2010


Steve89 +0 Points January 27, 2010

ROFL @ Michael J. Fox comment. Well played, sir.

jfakl +0 Points January 26, 2010

he shat in a urinal please kindly leave.

AH +0 Points January 26, 2010

dude knew Mr. Angry was going to get a stern talking to and began recording immediately. That was funny. Fuck that gym. Any place with purple and yellow decor is stupid

Damn +0 Points January 26, 2010

I agree there should be no load grunting because its stupid and unnecessary. But after reading the comments below I say FUCK that gym it got what it deserved.

Dave Cont... +0 Points January 26, 2010

fucking machines/weights. Ive wanted to do the same shit many times. Lol This is priceless though. Oh youre going to give me a stern talking to, little miss pink sweats. Well fuck your gym!!

Dave +0 Points January 26, 2010

haha fuck planet fitness. This piece of shit gym sucks my fucking sack. They call it the "judgment free zone" but you drop a weight or groan and this fucking siren goes off. Fuck you! This gym is always full of people wasting fucking time, taking the fu

Lame gym.... +0 Points January 26, 2010

At Planet Fitness gyms, grunters and other rule-breakers are treated to an ear-rattling siren with flashing blue lights and a public scolding. The “lunk alarm,” as the club calls it, is so jarring it can bring the entire floor to a standstill. (A lunk is

kev +0 Points January 26, 2010

He looked like he had taken his small pill.

eh +0 Points January 26, 2010

What the hell was that siren at the beginning?

brooklyngod +0 Points January 26, 2010

what a pussy fuck. he spazzed out 4 a dumb reason. what bitchhhhhh. oh si

ok wow +0 Points January 26, 2010

Who let Michal J. Fox record this?

I feel for him +0 Points January 26, 2010


I feel for him +0 Points January 26, 2010

Its the gym fualt . . . forgot the name but in this gym u cant grunt drop the dumbbells or make loud noise or you will get kicked out they say " it intimidate other working out . . . . i quit this gym after the same thing happened to me

umm +0 Points January 26, 2010

he just rage quit the gym...fuck him...noob, couldnt even break the mirror with a 20lb dumbbell

Mike Tyson +0 Points January 26, 2010


lol +0 Points January 26, 2010

he was just getting one last rep in before he leaves

Doc56 +0 Points January 26, 2010

Dont go away mad just go away

Bitch Slap +0 Points January 26, 2010

She was not happy with his little 2-incher and baby nuts.

DORKOLOGIST +0 Points January 26, 2010

not good entertainment .OH no

lol +0 Points January 26, 2010

@ the dude just staring at him go out

Viking +0 Points January 26, 2010

The combination of having a small penis and taken to many steroids...

anon +0 Points January 26, 2010

lol roid rage much?


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