Dude Flips Out, Beats Guy Macking His Girlfriend

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boom goes the dynamite +0 Points February 11, 2010

this why no bitch is worth it, bitch dependicy can ruin yo life, it fucks with ur friends, ur free time and scary enough yo money

haha +0 Points February 10, 2010

and you got in a fight over the vagina...lame ass "muderfuckerrr"

Yale +0 Points February 10, 2010

The girlfriend wasn't even really worth the fight. She is a skank with an extremely large cavernous vagina; capable of handling 8 behemoth cocks at once.

lilzook +0 Points February 10, 2010

lmao..wow..he got tackled and still whooped their ass

brooklyngod +0 Points February 9, 2010

(oh si)

doc56 +0 Points February 9, 2010

how do you Mack someones girlfriend?

damn +0 Points February 9, 2010

someone punch the camera idiot. he's a jackoff who probably sells crappy weed.

wow +0 Points February 9, 2010

none of those fools can even fight hahaha. dude on the camera sounds like hes 10

dkn +0 Points February 9, 2010

well, he blinded sided tie boy. but tie boy got some help from the faggot in black before they went one-on-one. faggot in black kicked him several times in the head that's why he was dazed on one-on-one.

lol +0 Points February 9, 2010

"Get it mudafuker!" haha

Doc56 +0 Points February 9, 2010

The funny part is the ass that blind sided the guy at the start gets the rest Damn that facebook!

Cuntflaps +0 Points February 9, 2010

Fucking retards.

foo +0 Points February 9, 2010

oh the pathetic masses.....


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